Monday, April 30, 2007

Sleepless night...

Cannot sleep... Tossed on the bed for half an hour and decided to write something here. I am happy. There are something which makes me really happy today.
1, The cold war between me and my sister ended today. I have not been talking or showing nice face to her since 2 days ago. Then today she asked me how to use the CSS editor for the Friendster profile. And I teach her how lo. I got excited teaching her and we become good sister again. I can't stand one day not talking to her, yet I was easily provoked by her behavior and her speech. Ya, the feeling of getting well with her is better than have to angry with her. =D
2, I helped my father in his gardening. I spent my whole evening with him doing all the sweeping leaves, moving pots and small small jobs la. Although I did not help much, but I feel happy for listening to his talk and work together with him. He always tell me a lot of theory and the values of life. And I enjoyed them so much.=) =)
3, Then is my homework. I finished doing my QA chapter 4! Teacher taught until chapter 6 liao. I stopped at chapter 2 and today I finished chapter 4! So satisfied with my hardworkingness. Lazy bug, please go away from me. I hope I can catch up with teacher tomorrow. =)=)=)
4, Got so many holidays this following week. Only got school on Mon, Thur, and Friday! Overflooded with free time. Need to plan it wisely... =)
5, One more thing is, Tuesday got gathering for holiday of Labour Day! Got barbeque at my house! My mum started to prepare since this afternoon. There were something unhappy happened but it did not affect my feeling. One should not be blamed over an accident which cannot be controlled by oneself right? There is nothing we can do about the things that has already happened. No need to spoil our mood. =P
I woke up this morning with a negative mood and ended up with super happy mood. Is this so-called mood swing? Overall, the happy mood is 8/10 today. Still not sleepy yet... Hmm... End of this post.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Yes, the title is GUESS. There are some photos for everyone to guess:

Guess who's hand is this?

Hint:SHE is trying to open wui jie's bag

Guess who is the smiley face refering to?

Hint:The black thing

Guess what is this?

Hint:It is edible

who is she?


Ahh, no more. I thought got many photos but only few. Haiyo. I am very wuliao ho? Haha =P
I cannot go Swinburne Night! I never go before. Aldrin and Avery go twice already eh... And tonight choir club is performing. So bad. Only me at home, cannot vote for them. Erm, Laura also la. Same pity also. But I know all of you will do your best right? The prize is only an encouragement, tonight's performance is going to make us famous! Haha. Say shuang only. I vote for 'Silent mode' here! Don't know what I am writing? Read this!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes & ICE cream

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from Get one for yourself.

You Are Coffee Ice Cream

Energetic and lively, you are always on the go.
You're doing a million things at once and doing them well.
You tend to motivate others and raise spirits.

You are most compatible with chocolate ice cream.


Finally I am an official blogger! I was tagged long time ago by steven and ah yieng. But that time I have not enough time to use. So now i m going to continue this game.
RULE OF TAG-TAG MENTAG-TAG GAME:One has to start off by writing 6 weird things about oneself and answer the questions to let others discover you "layer by layer" in your blog. One then has to state the rule clearly and tag 6 others friends and leave a comment to let them know they're being tagged. Weird means cannot explain why I did something right?

1. I like daydreaming. I like to sit there doing nothing and let my mind float to nowhere else. Then I slowly grow up, I found that there is no time for me to waste like that. Long time no daydreaming liao. Haha. But I think sleeping is a waste of time. When I wake up next day, I totally forget my dreams. Unless it is a dream that wakes me up, then I will remember. The dreams are weird, sometimes my dreams got episode 1, episode 2 one. Weird right?
2. I have two side of myself. A positive me and a negative me. For example, I will be cheerful, hardworking, and helpful when I am positive-thinking. Then the other side is opposite. And it is a cycle, I will be positive for one period, then when I feel bored, I will start to behave negative. I normally show this in front of my family. =D
3. I like to arrange things in order. Especially food such as nuggets, 'guong jeng', or fruits. Sample:
nice ler...

4. Erm... These few days everyday got nice foods to eat bo, this is also weird, there is no reasonable explanation to this. So weird. Why ho? But ya, its good.
5. Ahhh.... My sleeping habit is very bad. I can kick someone sleeping beside me to the floor. I also talk while sleeping. I can walk around in sleeping mode. I did a lot of things like that before. So sleeping can be very dangerous for me. =)
6. When I feel extremely angry, I will shout out loudly in my pillows. I am very bad tempered person.But I was not allowed to be angry in front of my parents. They want me to be well mannered. When I was angry I dunno how. One day i found this way and tried. And it works! I only do this twice. Not that desperate yet.

Layer 1: On the outside
Name: Shirley Sia Yew Yiing
Birth date: 24.03.1988
Current status: Single
Eye color: Brown +black
Hair color: Black + brown
Lefty or righty: Righty
Layer 2: On the inside
My heritage: Foochow!!! + Heng Hua
My fears: Lost someone I loved, become fat
My perfect pizza: Got chicken, pepperoni, pineapple cubes,a lot of cheese, and super sticky one.
Layer 3: Yesterday, today, tomorrow
My thoughts first waking up: What to eat for breakfast?
My bedtime: extended to past 12 nowadays
Missed memory: Childhood. At my 'samba' old house, we live like *tarzan. So trouble free and happy. =D
Layer 4: My Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
McD or Burger King: McD (Never try Burger King's)
Single or group date: Both ok
Adidas or Nike: Adidas gua
Tea or Nestea: Tea (Chinese Tea~)
Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla (I like white colour)
Cappucino or coffee: Cappucino
Layer 5: Do you...
Smoke: No
Curse: I don't encourage but I did it before
Take a shower: YES!
Have a crush: Yes. Now no more
Go to school: Erm, university
Want to get married: YES!
Believe in yourself: No. I know I can't do it. Haha
Think you're a health freak: NO. I have the knowledge but I never follow the healthy way.
Layer 6: In the past
Drank alcohol: Yes, when I was few months old. Geng le...
Been on stage: Yes. Thanks to choir club.
Eaten sushi: Yes la.
Dyed your hair: No
Layer 7: Have you ever...
Played a stripping game: ???
Changed who you were to fit in: Yes. I always hope that I can be a better person in this way.
Layer 8: Age you're hoping
To be married: 19
Layer 9: In a guy
Best eye color: Purple
Hair color: Blue
Short hair or long hair: As long as it looks nice, it doesn't matter
Layer 10: What were you doing
A minute ago: writing blog
An hour ago: same
4.5 hours ago: doing QA assignment
1 month ago: I think I was skipping my QA tutorial gua...
1 year ago: Just start my Swinburne life. With laura, wui jie, and kopi...
Layer 11: Finish the sentences
I love: foods, my family, my friends and my life
I hate: rudeness, criminals, accidents, my big foot.
I hide: my head in the sands
I need: a bedroom for myself, my family, to succeed in my life
I miss: my old friends...
I will tag Judieth, Sabrina, Shu Chan, Avery, Ling Ai, and Rachel.
Note*the tarzan i mean here is, not wearing any SHOES and run everywhere in the orchard like that only.