Saturday, April 28, 2007


Yes, the title is GUESS. There are some photos for everyone to guess:

Guess who's hand is this?

Hint:SHE is trying to open wui jie's bag

Guess who is the smiley face refering to?

Hint:The black thing

Guess what is this?

Hint:It is edible

who is she?


Ahh, no more. I thought got many photos but only few. Haiyo. I am very wuliao ho? Haha =P
I cannot go Swinburne Night! I never go before. Aldrin and Avery go twice already eh... And tonight choir club is performing. So bad. Only me at home, cannot vote for them. Erm, Laura also la. Same pity also. But I know all of you will do your best right? The prize is only an encouragement, tonight's performance is going to make us famous! Haha. Say shuang only. I vote for 'Silent mode' here! Don't know what I am writing? Read this!


Eric said...

shirley ar.. the last photo very disturbing.. and you might not know if there are underage kids reading your blog..

shirley said...

erm, i took the photo from a restaurant ler. guess it is art. share with everyone lor.

saykhia said...


I loved the one with the 'black thing'. It seems like no matter where he goes, Chen will always be haunted by his mark of greatness. The 'thing' makes him unique, though!

shirley said...

Haha, correct! The answer is chen! That pic can be found in Laura's friendster profile also. That smiley face is created by Ah Yieng and her. =D

Laura ;p said...

is me ok.. She just provide de pea for me ok.. Aiks.. haha..

shirley said...

elo elo, like this also wan to argue, really kid lar u laura! =P