Monday, April 30, 2007

Sleepless night...

Cannot sleep... Tossed on the bed for half an hour and decided to write something here. I am happy. There are something which makes me really happy today.
1, The cold war between me and my sister ended today. I have not been talking or showing nice face to her since 2 days ago. Then today she asked me how to use the CSS editor for the Friendster profile. And I teach her how lo. I got excited teaching her and we become good sister again. I can't stand one day not talking to her, yet I was easily provoked by her behavior and her speech. Ya, the feeling of getting well with her is better than have to angry with her. =D
2, I helped my father in his gardening. I spent my whole evening with him doing all the sweeping leaves, moving pots and small small jobs la. Although I did not help much, but I feel happy for listening to his talk and work together with him. He always tell me a lot of theory and the values of life. And I enjoyed them so much.=) =)
3, Then is my homework. I finished doing my QA chapter 4! Teacher taught until chapter 6 liao. I stopped at chapter 2 and today I finished chapter 4! So satisfied with my hardworkingness. Lazy bug, please go away from me. I hope I can catch up with teacher tomorrow. =)=)=)
4, Got so many holidays this following week. Only got school on Mon, Thur, and Friday! Overflooded with free time. Need to plan it wisely... =)
5, One more thing is, Tuesday got gathering for holiday of Labour Day! Got barbeque at my house! My mum started to prepare since this afternoon. There were something unhappy happened but it did not affect my feeling. One should not be blamed over an accident which cannot be controlled by oneself right? There is nothing we can do about the things that has already happened. No need to spoil our mood. =P
I woke up this morning with a negative mood and ended up with super happy mood. Is this so-called mood swing? Overall, the happy mood is 8/10 today. Still not sleepy yet... Hmm... End of this post.

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