Sunday, May 27, 2007


Ha, I found these photos! Share with u all. Make you all hungry. Bad ler...

Nice foods (Jellyfish, shui jiao, small octopus, and fried meat ball)

Can u believe that I actually eat this? It is cold, a bit sweet, and crunchy.

This one nice also. Duck+Bun.

Prawn!!! My favourite! This prawn special one, when u take a bite, u can see that there is something like thread gulung on their body. Then the prawn inside the white bowl taste different, a bit spicy and salty, I like this one more. That day I can eat more because Yew Wei cannot eat prawn. Haha

This strange dish got brocolli (or broccoli or broccolli???), sea coconut, nuts, lotus seed, etc... sweet+salty+tasteless=weird.

Steamed fish... Saw the brown gravy flowing out from its stomach? Looks yummy. But when i 'aum' into my mouth, I immediately 'wuek' out. It was ginger+garlic+don't know what. =X

The pile of bowl, all finished by me. It was that delicious that I ate so many.

I don't know how to describe foods la, overall those dishes are nice! (Still got some haven't upload yet. (Those are my favourites!!! But I did not eat la.) Because even upload pictures also need to wait for so long... >(

Recently I can hardly read new post on Swinburne students blogs. We have been quite busy with our studies and assignments and presentations, things like that. When time is not enough for us, we have to choose to sacrifice something, of course choose to focus on studies la. Good lo, that means the readers who do not have blogs to read will start to do those more important things in their life.

I have been thinking of deleting this blog and never blog again, but since this is the only way to let my friends who are far away from me update on my news, then i might as well continue... *sigh* Hehe, think too much. =P

Can't imagine that I have wasted so much time on blogging just trying to get people's attention. =P

Since that someone said that I become more and more 'zhi lian' (hmph!), I think I will reduce my amount of camwhoring la. Got happy or not?

Extra bonus: Ice creams that I hope I can eat one day...

Black Forest Coupe

Tutti Frutti

Mukah Ice Boat


This one forget its name. Call it Rosie la.


Wah, these baru can call TEMPTING!

Friday, May 25, 2007




Thursday, May 24, 2007

Memories on Toilet

Just now saw the whole hostel building from 6th floor. So nice and so new compared to the old building used by chillipepper now. This hostel reminds me of my old school... Green road resembles the green chillipepper building and SMK Methodist is the new hostel building. Haha. Suddenly so nostalgic.

Yesterday nothing to do went to hostel there kia kia. Inside the common lounge got a VERY big tv and nice sofa! How good they treat the people inside. Yet they want to abuse their rights.

Walking along the path, reminds me of the past times that i like to visit the toilet with my friends. Since Form 1, one of our hobbies was to visit toilet at least once during the time teacher exchange. In Sibu, my friends and I used to go to toilet so often to look at the mirrors. The purpose of the mirror is to let students examine themselves, to make sure we are presentable all the time. Ya, we did take it seriously. That was so vain. I never realised that until I came to greenroad. The toilet in Methodist is better than Greenroad's. Where greenroad does not provide mirrors. At first I was not really used to it. Hmm...

The toilet we went to in Methodist is quite clean already(only sometimes dirty la, toilet bor). We students even wash the toilet ourselves, for the time in form 1 and 2 la. In the past, the toilet is still dirty and smelly. Our principal, Mr Poh Kee Eng(respect him!) at first told us to pay 50 cents to RM 2 to solve this problem. But many complaints same from students(as we always need to get donation for school development activities). Since this was the reaction, Mr Poh made us clean our own toilet. Every Friday, one class will be responsible for the cleaning of toilet. We need to bring our uniforms and shoes to school to change after cleaning. Erm, honestly I enjoyed the time! So many situations we have came across. Haha. We enjoyed the cleanliness of our hard work after the cleaning. =D The principal is clever indeed.

Sometimes we get the pass but we are not going to the toilet. We just go out kia kia and meet some other friends who are also lepak-ing around. Methodist is quite big I realised. We managed to walk through the whole school at least once in a day. Then go other classes see how the atmosphere is like. Can find them playing, not paying attention, teasing girls, or gossiping in a group. Somehow, I don't understand why we can get good results easily at that time. Now, want to concentrate fully on the course also cannot do very well already. Good old days. I wish I can really rewind back the time.

I will not choose the same road if I were given a chance. Anyway, this is impossible. All passed already, only when there were rare moments like this, I will collect back the memories little by little.

So looks like green road ler, right? And another half looks like Methodist. The way to toilet looks the same.

Photos taken today:

This one is not ready one, ah yieng took suddenly......

p/s: we have been very noisy in the library. disturbed other people who really wants to study. a lesson to learn. must be considerate. Control our mouths.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Nothing to post ler... I will post up the photo edited by jazzon and wui jie. That was so NICE of them wanting to make my eyes look bigger and the iris colour looks darker. Do I look attractive? Haha, its up to u to decide. =D

Now I really should start saying miaw miaw language liao. lol.

Morning Call

他和她是最普通的朋友。见面仅仅点个头的朋友。但点头以后,她就会心跳,就会脸红。怎么了?她在心里问自己,我 …… 喜欢他吗?她摇摇头,不承认自己的感情。她小心地封闭着自己的感情,小心地注视着自己的心里的王子。而他,丝毫也没有注意到。他有了一个漂亮的女朋友。是的,高高的他,不会注意平凡的她。
故事开始在毕业前。那年的散伙饭,大家都像疯了一样;拼命地喝酒,拼命地唱歌。毕业有那么多的快乐,也有那么多的麻烦。他和女朋友终于分手了,毕业让他们分道扬镳。他不停和朋友们喝酒,为自己枯萎的恋情。她一个人,在一个角落,轻轻的为自己斟满了一杯酒。她从不喝酒的,但这一次,她为自己倒了满满的一杯酒。在心里给自己鼓了鼓劲,她走向了他。 “ 祝你前途无量 ” 。她说的有点急促,她的心一直在跳。他可能根本没有看清眼前的她,端起酒杯就喝。酒精让他的眼睛朦胧了。他看着眼前这个平凡的模糊的影子,全乱了,世界全乱了。 “ 是我的公主吗? ” 他醉了,醉意中的他一把抱住了她。而她,眼泪倾泄而出,为了这错误的拥抱。
尽管在一个城市,但大家的联系机会并不多。他在 IT 界工作,她去了一家著名的通信公司。一年以后了,大家聚会。并不像小说里写的那样,很多同学仍然是独身。他偶然谈起自己很累。他忿忿地说资本主义剥削人,自己只是迟到一天,就被扣掉了一次 FRIDAY’S 的消费。朋友们都说你这样的懒虫用闹钟是没有用的,闹钟会叫醒手指而不会叫醒大脑,只能有个好心人给一个 MORNING CALL 才行。一直默默无声的她突然说话了:让我叫你吧。他也惊异。她笑笑,我不用掏电话费而已。他释然了,好,谢谢。
就这样,早上七点,他的手机就准时地响起。开始,她只是简单的说:早上好,起床吧。就这样,从夏天,到春天。他们的 MORNING CALL 的时间越来越长,从半分钟到十分钟。谈谈工作,谈谈天气。他总是谢她。而她刻意地躲开了。她怕他看透自己的心事。她知道他不会爱自己的,自己也没有必要认真。但她真的不认真吗?每天,六点四十她就会醒。再困她也不会睡着。因为她的心在跳个不行,就像大学时见到他一样。
又一年过去了。大学的同学已经很少有联系了。而他和她,凭着 MORNING CALL ,竟然保持着每天一个电话的奇迹!但这个电话只是一个早上的问候,除了这个时间,他们几乎没有任何联系。可能,新年时,有了一张贺卡,他想请她吃饭,她拒绝了。保持着自己的秘密不说,她觉得自己有一份骄傲。而她更加清楚,他不是自己的。就这样,他们用一个非常松懈的方法联系着。他们对彼此的生活并不了解。她病了。老是头痛。有一次她晕倒了,才知道,她得了脑瘤。万分之一的治愈可能。她在医院里。但她依然没忘自己的任务。每天,用自己的手机,拨通他的手机。听着那边的他模模糊糊的回答,她就安心了。她认真完成自己的任务,她也知道,这样的日子不多了。而他高大英俊的身影,一直是她最牵挂的东西。
他在 IT 界越做越好,人气渐旺。俨然成了中关村的知识英雄了。人们说他是个敬业守时的人。只有他的第一个老板知道,他爱迟到;只有他的同学知道,他是个懒鬼。他身边总是围绕着美丽的女孩,因为他分明是一个新贵!他会逢场作戏,但没有真心。其实他自己还不知道,每天清晨的那个手机,已经让他习惯。尽管他早就不需要那个 MORNING CALL ,但他没说,每天早上,他等着那个电话响起。他会问自己:我爱她吗?会娶她吗?不,他摇摇头,她实在太平凡了,没有一丝的眩目,我不要 …… 但他也知道,他习惯了她,他不能过没有她的日子。可能,比较平凡的女孩比较遵守信约,他这样安慰自己。可是,这样的手机联络并不能持续很久。因为,因为,因为她必须走了。她昏迷的时间越来越长。她开始失约,开始没有 MORNING CALL 。他有些奇怪,但并没有追问,女孩,该有自己的生活。他有时还偷偷笑笑:和男朋友云雨后就给另一个男人打电话当然不好。男孩,都这么粗心吗?
她的状况更差了。她在死亡的边缘。她的即将来临的死亡成了联系同学的信息;大量的同学来医院看她。他,终于也知道了这个消息。除了震惊他没有别的感觉。不是好好的吗?不是经常打 MORNING CALL 吗?尽管有时失约,但毕竟还是准时的呀。他认定她是急病。匆匆的买了一束黄玫瑰,赶往医院。他在心里认定她是他最好的朋友,黄玫瑰,代表友情。
他去开自己的车。手机又响了。是不是她?他真的已经习惯了她。不是,这是一个美丽的娇柔的小姐给他的信息:一颗心。他打量着自己的诺基亚,这是一个可以传递图形的手机。两年来,他收到了无数的心、天使,但,没有收到她的。他突然站住了,一个从不说爱的女孩。他很轻易的就想起了她的手机号码,每天都看一遍的数字: 13901120521 。他念了一遍。一种晕眩的感觉在他的头顶铺开。她是统计和管理这些数字的,她可以为自己挑一个最适合的。原来,每天,她都会说 521 。想清楚这些,他几乎站不住了。整个世界都转了过来。每天,每天,每天。在那个固定的时刻。她温柔的声音会在这里传到他的耳边 ——
“ 起床吧,别耽误了。 ”
“ 要不,你再睡会,我十分钟后叫你? ”
“ 今天天冷,当心点。 ”
不,不,不。他不能想了。他突然觉得自己是世界上最大的一个笨蛋。他觉得自己说什么也不能失去她。对,不能失去,这种不能失去的感觉,这种害怕失去的痛苦,原来就是爱。他什么也说不出来了。自己可以编出最简洁的程序,可以黑掉世界上任何一个网站,但却看不透一个平凡的女孩。她真的平凡吗?不,不,我要她!他没有办法自己开车了,他叫了 TAXI 。他要赶到她的身边去,对,带着爱去!在一家花店门口,他叫车停住。他扔下了黄玫瑰。 “ 快,我要红玫瑰, 999 支! ” 一个小店,哪有这么多。殷勤的小姐配了 99 支。
99 支火红的热烈的欧洲来的玫瑰终于随着他来到了病房。她,在昏迷。几台机器在她身边,发出奇怪的声音,闪着奇怪的图象。他在门外,他和 99 朵玫瑰一起等,等待她的苏醒。她一定会活着。有我爱她,她会活着!他轻声的呼唤她,我在等你!她终于苏醒过来了。他冲了进来,还有, 99 朵玫瑰。他趴在了她的耳边,就像每天早上她叫他一样,让自己的声音轻轻的传如她的耳朵:我爱你。她已经完全变了样子。任何人都知道,平凡是对一个不好看的女孩比较客气的评价。是的,她不是漂亮的女孩。而病中的她,更不好看了。可对他来说,他需要什么呢?他不需要漂亮的女孩,他只要一个全心爱他的头脑!他爱她。
脑瘤一直在压迫视神经,她实际上已经看不见什么了。他抓住了她的手,温柔的说:我现在没有钻戒,但我真诚地向你求婚。相信我!我只有 99 朵玫瑰。你是一个不平凡的女孩,你会喜欢玫瑰吗?我怕你不喜欢他们,但 …… 在他眼里,她是那么与众不同,她会喜欢俗气的玫瑰吗?而他,曾经送给过很多人玫瑰呀。他不知道自己该说什么。这不是怜悯不是同情。他知道自己醒悟的太晚了,他知道其实自己早就爱上了她。她小小的柔软的手被握在了他纤细的冰冷的手中。 “ 傻瓜,哪个女孩不喜欢玫瑰? ” 她颤抖着,说了一句。他把她的手贴在自己的脸上,喃喃的说:我们结婚时,要 999 朵玫瑰,不 9999 朵 …… 她微笑着,又是昏迷。
几天了,他一直陪在医院。他拒听了一切来电,他的手机只等着一个号码: 13901120521 。她有时清醒,有时沉睡。
“ 这是我一生中最快乐的时光 ”“ 有你,我才幸福。 ”
这天她清醒的时间特长,似乎她又能看见东西了。但她几乎已经不能呼吸,她仍在清晨给了他一个微笑,一个最美的笑。但接着,就是剧烈的头痛和呕吐。仪器上显示她的颅内压已经相当高了。她快走了。而这种情形下,只有她,只有她自己可以体会这种痛苦。医生在诊断书上写下: “ 实行安乐死比较人道。 ”
好静。周围好静。已经是秋天了,树叶从枝头落下,铺满了小路。这是他们初相遇的季节。她望着他,想他们的故事。校园里的心跳,毕业时热烈的拥抱,看似无意的承诺,每天清晨让人又恨又怜的电话铃声,还有那玫瑰。她用眼神示意了一下。他从她的枕头下拿出了她的手机。他第一次见到这个每天叫他的手机。小巧的蓝色的手机, 13901120521 ,他最喜欢的颜色,也是他最喜欢的型号 —— 诺基亚。他掏出了自己的手机。一颗心,他郑重地传递给她一颗心。她微笑了。四周真的好静,只有手机键盘拨号的声音。她,第一次,为他打上了一颗心。

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Recently (this week) I have been receiving many comments saying that I m very 'JIA'(pura-pura). In English should be called hypocrite. Someone told me that it means someone who actually dislike about about something, tells other people that he/she likes that very much. This is not the first time I hear this comment. When I am in form 3, my friends told me that also. Teacher was distributing the test paper back to us. When we get back the test papers, normally will ask each other what marks our friends get. It is one part of our habit.

I asked my friend first and she told me her marks, it was like 85+/-, then I said,'wah, get so high oh'. That is good mark right? Then, she ask me my marks, when I told her mine(90+/-), she immediately said,'why u so jia de? Get higher than me still say my marks very high.' That 'why u so jia de?' i kept in heart for so long. I told my mum about that, and she advise me that next time don't need to simply give comments. -__-'''

But, I always think I can comfort people using nice words or something like that la. Does it sound too bad for those people? It was so uncomfortable to know you have a weakness but have no way to improve it! Disturbing... I am easy-to-be-influenced-by-friends type of person. Many people told me that I should have my own thinking and opinion too. More disturbed. So hard la, seems. Haih...

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Story of 3 Girls- Part 2

The story continues...

sleeping ZZzz

Playing 'die luo han':

This is a hamburger. Ah Yieng is the beef, Judieth and me being the bun =D

Then we become ice-cream. I am mint's flavour, judieth is corn flavour, and ah yieng is strawberry flavour. XD

Like Crayon Shin Chan's head(after being boxed by his mum haha!)

Random pose:

Don't hit me... Please forgive me!!!

Hehe, peace!

Miss Pageant kiss

Poor Judieth, see we don't hiu her liao...

Charlie's Angel X

Miss Colgate

Normal, 'kek' scared, frowned

Which one do you prefer?

Judieth: Somebody just don't understand...

Me: Camwhoring

Ah yieng: Mothers Day Poem

Before we went to sleep, Judieth and Ah Yieng each took a photo with the Jolin poster in my sister's room...

Cute Jolin

Cool Jolin

*******The following content is strictly confidential*******

p/s: Laura took a picture of my p* g* that night!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Story of 3 Girls- Part 1

I am so tired. But since I have decided to sign up for the 'Negativity Nil Campaign', I don't want to post any negative things here.

Avery wrote, 'So this is the campaign. The ‘Negative Nil’ campaign. What were gonna do is to put an end to negativity among ourselves or at least kurangkan it la. If you wanna join, sign up with a comment and we’ll send you a special captain planet membership ring.' It has got a message behind it, so I support! I wish I get the blue captain planet ring. Got the power of water. =D

Last night, Judieth had done a funny thing. She locked her car key in her car! She and Ah Yieng had to stay over night at my house. So lucky! So unexpected! 3 of us stay in the dark room and have a lot of fun. It is all about laptop, alcohol, camera, and girl talks!

At first, Ah Yieng drinks ALCOHOL! Must be very excited to know what happens next right? A small cup of alcohol 3 of us want to share together. We are a bit worry that she will be drunk after that. But, oops... The alcohol spilled! In the end, only left these...

Few drops of butterscotch, cannot even see alcohol.

Ah Yieng was so sad... Then she started to laugh out loudly. Laugh until rolling on the bed. Me and Judieth don't know what happened to her.

The alcohol+butterscotch

Finish in one gulp!

Ah Yieng said,"I drink alcohol!"

That is after she finish drinking... Siao ki

After kacau-ing avery and eric in msn, again, photo session! Girls are like that. In the future we can still see our friend's face. =) We are thinking as if we are models. Let's see how good is our pose...


Ah Yieng

Three of us!!!


Midnight liao still got people call Judieth le, when she is answering the phone, 2 of us start to... =P


Took photo with Judieth who is still on the phone


Pretending to sleep

This is going to be a long post. Still got so many photos haven't uploaded. I need to go do my assignment first liao. To be continued! =D