Wednesday, May 02, 2007

BBQ night~

BBQ night! My mum and us started the preparation of this gathering 2 days ago, so today not much jobs need to be done. (Not that we are very free la, but we can do it slowly and relaxingly) All those who worked at my father's shop came tonight. Labour Day ma, this gathering is organized partly because of them. My mum had said that we can call our friends to come. Since my brother is inviting his friends, I decided that I should help my mum out in the kitchen as there will sure be A LOT of washing to be done.
The barbeque starts at 4. My 2 cousins prepare the setup. Peter went to steal bricks from the construction site. Luckily no one saw him. It was very very hot. I only apply butter and honey on the chicken wings, can feel the heat almost burnt the hair on my hand! Imagine the one who 'penggang' the chicken wings from the beginning. =X The barbeque job is done by few men. Should ask those who wants to eat penggang their own, you eat the fruits that you grow ma. =D
My brother follow his gang of friends to another friend's house. They walked there! Without telling anyone. They think they go out sure people can see them is it? When my father wanted to find him and find no one, his temper comes liao. The whole night he goes around scolding people (four of us only la). When my brother(vin) was back and have their foods, I saw one of his friend quite handsome ler. Haha. Ok la, just see nia ma. =P After that they hide in vin's room and drink beer! Its still illegal form him to drink ho! I went upstairs and told them that I am going to join them. Then they shouted 'ho' very loud like that. And replied me that it is only for kids. I m old. -_-''' Only 2 years older than them ho!
Just now all of them drink a lot! (Other than my brother's gang) Girls also know how to drink! The boys all drink until face become red. They drink chivas mixed with cola or sprite. Strange. First time see situation like this. I did not join them though. One of them,Salfan, don't know why suddenly become pale and face looks blurred, eyes lost focus and blank. Must be drunk. They quickly gave him a glass of warm water with a piece of lemon slice. He went back early after that. He arrived home safely. This teach us a lesson, if we cannot drink, then don't drink too much. Haha.
I washed a lot of dishes indeed! With helps from a lot of people. My sister and a super helpful guest. She stays overnight at our house and tomorrow needs to wake up early to leave. Yet she still help us on our jobs til the very end. (My sister and me even said that she is very kepo this morning. So sorry~) Actually this morning she was telling us what to do is correct, and tried to help us. And both of us feel that she is showing off how lihai she is. So we are frustrated with her. Feel grateful to her. With their help I feel not alone. Like that do jobs also happier. Whenever someone gives help to us, we should appreciate. This is lesson 2.
My mum's friend was jealous of her to have such helpful daughters. =P Daughter is better than son she said. I agree. Girls can understand better than boys. Boys often cannot realise parent's expectation on them. They are parent's hope but they always dissappoint their parents. Haih, my brother is one good example. No offence here. I just thought of my brother... When will he really grow up? *sigh*
I did not eat much food. When we cook the foods ourselves, we don't feel like eating them, do you agree? My mum and cousin also like that. In the end, I still eat more than what I eat regularly. There is a nice photo I took tonight. A very sweet picture.

Mother and daughter kiss

My aunt and my little cousin, Grace. Looks like a mama bird feeding a baby bird right? How many mothers actually feed their children like that? I like this picture so much! See how enjoy that baby was!

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