Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Here's my brother's hand. Very long ho? He is trying to prevent me from taking a nice photo. Just because I was not listening to what he was talking(DOTA). What killing spree and how 'hiong' was he lor. I replied him with 'o, o'. He was not satisfied. He wanted people to listen admiringly telling him,'wah, so lihai meh?' like that. My brother... So beh tahan him. =D

Hehe, successfully take one.

He do this more than 10 times. Deleted so many. Haih. No choice lah, have to listen to him first. Then, finish his story. Continues...


I 'zhuang ke lien'. See my 'shuang yan pi' or not? I rubbed my eyes and squeezed my eyebrows together to make it appear eh... Once in a blue moon chance got that 'shuang yan pi' eh... So happy. But my evil brother 'beh song' see me playing so happily. Then he starts to 'gu ci' me.

I slide down to the bottom of the car seat. To avoid his 'gu ci'. Notice that the dragon necklace is lying there. But not perfect yet, only one side got 'shuang yan pi'. Take again. Wah, this one very successful! I think everyone can see this 'shuang yan pi' gua... Satisfied liao. 'Shuang yan pi' plus a smile. Ok, good night!


Eric said...

mine more special.. one eye 雙眼皮, the other 單眼皮..

shirley said...

so nice hor... i only ask u to read nia. then u still give me one free comment gok. =D

saykhia said...

This is SERIOUSLY camwhoring. Hahaha.. But that 'kolien' picture really make you look like the girls in japanese animes =P

shirley said...

haha, camwhoring is SERIOUSLY fun! Haha...
n thanks ya! =D