Thursday, May 10, 2007

Early Morning

I did not post blog last night. Quickly go to sleep after finished the Yoga Club registration list. =P Oh ya, there is a 'Yoga Talk and Demo by Yoga Master'! Please come if you can. Yoga is not as hard as you think, attend this talk so that you can get the right knowledge about Yoga. Look at this poster:

Its simple

Promoting Yoga Club =P

These days have been very lazy. Stay up late, wake up also late. Lifestyle totally changed and become upside down. My mum was very angry with me I know. She think that I am stick to the computer for the rest of my life. Since Mothers Day is coming, I want to make her happy a bit. Don't let her see me touching the computer then. Frankly speaking, wake up early makes me feel good. Can prepare everything for school and then do whatever you want. Less rushing. =) Still remember the quote from the 'zhi hui'(in chinese) column? Those who don't wake up together with the sun, they don't get the happiness of that day.

In the past, I never slept in class before. Now every lecture seems so sleepy and tiring for me. Occassionally fall asleep without realising. I feel guilty. Not that the lecturer's speech is boring la, later make them think like that. *sigh I am not going to continue this anymore. Start from this morning ok?

Last night my father bring me out. And when he is talking, I yawned and half-opened my eyes and nodded when he was talking. (My eyes already so small, half open looks like no open at all also) It was not supposed to be like that la... Argh... Sorry baba. Feel guilty again. But i do get what he said. Luckily.

Being a father is not easy you know? When everyone can depend on him, he has nobody to seek help from. He solve our problems and make our life better but we don't even know what he is troubling about. We girls can cry their feelings out, but not them. That is real man. They are responsible and reliable. >_< Mothers Day is coming le, I don't have anything to say about my mum. She is beh song with me these few days. Hope she will be happier after seeing my changes.

Today got that Yoga Talk, do hope that everything goes smoothly. More than 10 people come please. Nervous.

Have a nice day!!!

Susan and me

Funny hair =D

By Eric

Can you see my eyes?

Try to find someone more 'cholo' than me...

I think and think, still don't remember what makes me laugh like that


~K@cW3y~ said...

I ACTED AS IF I GOT ELECTROCUTED.and then u terkejut.who ask u keep swapping my hand with ur printing if i am a printing machine lidat.haha

saykhia said...

Hahaha.. Your eyes really dissapear when you laugh. =P

Do something special for your mum on Mother's Day!

shirley said...

haha, u really give me a fright u know? so know how to act ho... =P anyway, u r funny la...

erm, ya, it really disappears. Last time I laugh when I cross the road then nearly get knocked by a car. =O Hmm, my trademark.

rachel said...

Hey I love ur blog...its looks so sassy. And I like the zhong guo hua song..ermm..I saw ur tag liaw, I'll write on it another day ya.very busy nowadays. peace~

P/s: Don't forget ur piano class ar, teacher getting a bit fan liaw.

shirley said...

Thanks oh... =) And, I will remember. =X