Sunday, May 27, 2007


Ha, I found these photos! Share with u all. Make you all hungry. Bad ler...

Nice foods (Jellyfish, shui jiao, small octopus, and fried meat ball)

Can u believe that I actually eat this? It is cold, a bit sweet, and crunchy.

This one nice also. Duck+Bun.

Prawn!!! My favourite! This prawn special one, when u take a bite, u can see that there is something like thread gulung on their body. Then the prawn inside the white bowl taste different, a bit spicy and salty, I like this one more. That day I can eat more because Yew Wei cannot eat prawn. Haha

This strange dish got brocolli (or broccoli or broccolli???), sea coconut, nuts, lotus seed, etc... sweet+salty+tasteless=weird.

Steamed fish... Saw the brown gravy flowing out from its stomach? Looks yummy. But when i 'aum' into my mouth, I immediately 'wuek' out. It was ginger+garlic+don't know what. =X

The pile of bowl, all finished by me. It was that delicious that I ate so many.

I don't know how to describe foods la, overall those dishes are nice! (Still got some haven't upload yet. (Those are my favourites!!! But I did not eat la.) Because even upload pictures also need to wait for so long... >(

Recently I can hardly read new post on Swinburne students blogs. We have been quite busy with our studies and assignments and presentations, things like that. When time is not enough for us, we have to choose to sacrifice something, of course choose to focus on studies la. Good lo, that means the readers who do not have blogs to read will start to do those more important things in their life.

I have been thinking of deleting this blog and never blog again, but since this is the only way to let my friends who are far away from me update on my news, then i might as well continue... *sigh* Hehe, think too much. =P

Can't imagine that I have wasted so much time on blogging just trying to get people's attention. =P

Since that someone said that I become more and more 'zhi lian' (hmph!), I think I will reduce my amount of camwhoring la. Got happy or not?

Extra bonus: Ice creams that I hope I can eat one day...

Black Forest Coupe

Tutti Frutti

Mukah Ice Boat


This one forget its name. Call it Rosie la.


Wah, these baru can call TEMPTING!


saykhia said...

Hungry hungry! Make me 'lau chui nua' lar. Hahaha...

Eric said...

not only drool ar.. teeth also itchy..

Anonymous said...

My God, the food looks nice!!! T.T can I have some? Shirley cook please! haha~ Don't delete la, later you'll regret trust me, cuz it's where u store ur memories. Don't worry, ur not "zhi lian", just normal teenager tat can blog less. =D [Iv4n]

Johnson said...

oh man! It's so deilcious! Especially the prawn..uhh lala... I wana to conquer those prawn! Have been quite a long time since i last makan udang-udang

shirley said...

Seems like really nice eh?
Haha, guess I can start focus on blogging delicious foods all over the world already. =P
Thanks for ur support! =D

Tiong yienG said...

wah..shirley u really make nice the food look like...

LalaTing ;p said...

i'll prefer de black forest coupe and mukah ice boat and Gergasi.. lalala.. icecream!!! gergasi is giant rite?? hmm..

shirley said...

tiong yieng,
of course nice lor, or else i wont post it here. =P Will post more next time. If still got chance to eat special food.

lalating ;p
high five! Ya, gergasi is giant. Giant ice cream for us. We should go eat together la, since our taste so similar. =D