Saturday, May 05, 2007

Frightening Mail!!!

Hey, did anyone of you try the link under the chat box!? Very curious to know what you guys feeled after clicking it... I was surprised that no one give feedback on this interesting link. I thought it will turn out to be popular or something like that! Haha. =D

I myself find this scary enough! I was not so 'jiak ba bo su cho' go until go find these kind of websites to scare myself ho! My mei mei (Ling Ai) in Sibu sent me this particular e-mail consisting this link, which made me click on it and get one of the greatest shock of my life! When the image popped out suddenly, seriously I shouted! Then I immediately close that window and ran out of the study room. -___-'''

I showed susan (my youngest sister) that as well. She had a fright too! Same reaction as me! Ahah, sisters! This encouraged me very much and thus this link appeared on my blog...

I had a very bad night after showing that to my siblings... They took the ghost's picture in my handphone and set it as wallpaper ho! Imagine my reaction when I saw it. Alright they got the effect they want.

It was quite shameful you might think, what is so scary about that? Can you imagine that I was opening not only one window that time and was doing other things when suddenly 'ROAR' and I moved to that webpage and saw that bloody face bouncing out at me?

Ok, they have a great laugh after that. Susan was being over that night and I was really angry at her! (For showing me the webpage once in a 10 minute basis)(She is not afraid of it anymore after viewing a few times) I guarantee you all, that face is more nightmare provoking than the Mashimaro photo i took yesterday. No photos here, try it out yourself!

p/s: I felt uneasy when I went to sleep that night. Want to lock the door, imagine that face beside me; want to pull together the curtain, imagine that face bouncing out at the window. At least today I tried clicking that link myself to test my bravery la. Better than last night I can say. Haha. =P


saykhia said...

Hahaha.. This is like the oldest trick in the book ba =P

Eric said...

watch more horror movies.. it helps.. it's normal for a person to shout when they are scared.. some people are so scared that they cant even shout.. look on the bright side, at least you can produce sound to get help when you are scared..

shirley said...

i dunno got this kind of trick in book ler... but i already noe that u won't be frightened by that liao... =P
thanks eric,
i watch horror movies 'gu ka si'(die more) lor! but tomorrow i m going to post on the horror movie i watched just now, which i was not very scared ler, strange?? hehe