Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

There are some friends telling me that I looked slimmer recently. *ehem* Thanks. =) Girls are happy to hear this. Even though I still look fat, but these comments comforted me. I have joined yoga club and hope that I can achieve my target. ---50KG! Am I going to succeed?

The yoga practice was different from those in my VCD. That day's posture are harder. Especially the fish one. Painful AH~ Until today I still feel the pain. Never mind. I like the relax and stretch body part most! Relax... Me and Judieth almost 'bump' into each other. Haha.

Many students attended the Yoga Talk, even staffs also came to support! For me, it is successful already. Only 3 days for us to organize this talk! I saw how Jacq arrange and plan it nicely. Like what she said, after all the hard work, the feeling is... just great! Jacq has been quite stressed for that few days. But I think she has the same feeling as me too!

I always said that I learn a lot of things. But never try to apply in my life. Only learn also useless, need to apply then can improve ma. As I tends to procrastinate my tasks, when I want to do something, jadi bukit liao.

Today is Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Wish every mother in this world feels their children's love. I haven't tell my mum that I love her. =X Have you? =)

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