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Anyone knows that I actually watch anime? Other than Naruto, Inuyasha is one of my favourite animes watched recently. (2 or 3 months ago) My brother introduced it to me. In sibu I already knew the existence of this comic. My cousin said nice but I told her that the drawings are terrible. Haha. At that time I don't have any good taste in choosing comic book. I only pick those with romantic love stories to read. Still young ma. I was glad that I have the chance to watch this anime! It is interesting! Best!

Inuyasha *shuai!* An anime that I won't want to miss

Inuyasha is cute!!! So funny to see his reactions when jealous and is told to sit down. "Osuwari"(means sit down) is one word I learnt. Sometimes he is handsome, when he looks serious, when he is protecting his loved ones, when facing love problems, between choosing Kagume and Kikyo. They are the women that are so important to Inuyasha that he is willing to protect until the end of his life.

Kagome and Kikyo

Inuyasha is a han-yo(half-human half-demon), which is not accepted by both nin-kai and yo-kai. His father, the Dog General falls in love with a human Princess. His father died after Inuyasha was born. Dog General gave his te-sai-ga(have the power to protect others) to his lovely baby Inuyasha. Inuyasha grown up into a naughty and wild young man as no one cares for him after his mum's death.

Inuyasha's mother loved him very much

Half human half demon Inuyasha

He was frustrated with his han-yo's life and wishes to become the real yokai(demon). Shibinotama is a powerful jed has magic, to help anyone to realise their dreams. He began his journey of finding the 'shibinotama'. In his journey, he encounters his loyal partners as well as friends Miroku hoshi, Shippo (cute fox), Sango (pretty demon killer), and a high school girl, Kagome from the 21st century. They went off to search for Naraku, the evilest yokai in monster world who had done so many wrong deeds just to make himself the most powerful yokai. Many yokai are after shibinotama, he is also included.

Inuyasha's close friends and partners

Kikyo is originally the witch who looks after shibinotama, later become Inuyasha's lover. She has special power that other witch do not have, that's why she is capable of taking care of that precious stone. Kikyo and Inuyasha was deeply in loved. Inuyasha changed his mind. He wanted to use the power of shibinotama to change into normal human being and be together forever with Kikyo. But, with a little trick, Naraku make them misunderstood each other. After that, Kagome popped out from another world. She shares exactly the same face as Kikyo. And here began the complicated relationship of them three.

Jealousy =D

I was deeply impressed with Inuyasha's will to protect Kagome's life. In many battles, when he slowly lost his control over his power, the strong will to protect his friends and lover always will get him back to the battle and win it. He is a great han-yo. Far more better than most pure human and yokai. He has a brother (sesshomaru)that is a pure yokai. A cool and cold-blooded dog demon who wants to take over te-sai-ga from Inuyasha. He thinks that only he can own his father's sword. He thought his father as unfair to give him a useless ten-sei-ga(have the power to heal).

Angry Inuyasha changing into a demon

Inuyasha with te-sai-ga

Sesshomaru! Stop breathing

Cute Sesshomaru

The story is about relationship between Inuyasha and two women, Sesshomaru, his friends, and his greatest enemy, Naraku. At last Sesshomaru will realised his father's intention and will work together with Inuyasha to fight with the evil power.

Love to see them like this

Miroku hoshi

Naraku, he also likes Kikyo

The friendship between the few partners are very touching too. They are really close to each others. The love story is pure, without any negative elements. In this world hard to find love that is true to the heart. The soundtrack and background music is very nice too.

Between two loved ones

Hope Inuyasha and Kagome will live happily forever

I heard that it still got part 2. maybe I will go and watch when it is released. Introduce you to watch this!!!

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