Sunday, May 20, 2007


Nothing to post ler... I will post up the photo edited by jazzon and wui jie. That was so NICE of them wanting to make my eyes look bigger and the iris colour looks darker. Do I look attractive? Haha, its up to u to decide. =D

Now I really should start saying miaw miaw language liao. lol.


saykhia said...

Looks more like Ju-on ler =P

Anonymous said...

Looks more like a mice lolz~ as always =D Ivan here

shirley said...

Ju-on got so cute one meh? Then people won't be scared liao lo. Haha =P
mice ar... really got a bit like. =X Can I be cat n mice at the same time?

Eric said...

i think even the mice will start to laugh if they see your picture.. and cats will all run away, thinking that it's a monster..

Anonymous said...

y the eyes so black 1? lol