Thursday, May 03, 2007

Left brain and right brain!

It is not appropriate to say bad things about someone behind someone. Really hurtful if that someone knows about it. Only causes trouble to you and starts a quarrel between friends.
I am not being a good girl today. I skipped my QA lecture today just to play a game with my friends. The game is very interesting, it is a simple experiment to test whether we absorb and synthesize our information using left or right brain. From this experiment our personality can be analysed.
Me, judieth, ah yieng, jacq, laura and shu chan are all left right girl;
Cuihan and lina is right left girl;
Janet and redbear are right right girl.
Left left girl got winnie, and susan (my sister).
However, the boys are mainly right right guy, including aldrin, avery, keith, stewart, and jonathan;
Then there are eric, wei tat, and ee sing who are left right guys;
Johnson and another guy are right left guys.
Wui jie ler? Maybe is left left guy... =P
Although someone told me that these things are not true and are used to cheat people like us, I still believe it. The different side of brain controls different parts, and this theory is really proven! Anyway, human's brain is too complicated and is impossible to be understood by us. I wish I can know more about my brain. And also read other people's mind too! I even dreamt to become a psychologist before my SPM result was out. Those who can understand people well are lucky, they can get high scores for the friend test. =P I wish I can be like them too!
Oh, and I notice that Keith has become hardworking. He was studying hard in the library with Jonathan. Seems good, as he trying to reach the target that he sets for himself. See his hardworking pictures:

This is the brain test:

First page (the brain test)

Second page (detailed descriptions)

Third page (detailed descriptions)

Fourth page (boys' characteristics)

Try out this easy game! If you can read chinese... You can click on the pictures to have a larger view. To know more, you can click the link on the title, it will bring you to another webpage.
# Edited: A clearer version


saykhia said...

Haha.. But the descriptions they gave of me isn't very accurate leh. In fact, most of it didn't even come close.

And when you took Keith's picture, you were hiding behind someone izit? Hahaha...

shirley said...

No ho, the picture not taken by me. My hp always got some ppl took pictures n left inside. Also got ur photo ler but i think no use so dint put.
I wanted to comment on his hardworkingness ma, so I use that photo lor.
The one who take photos must be a girl,or else y took so many guys photos... haha

saykhia said...

Waah! You say my photo no use! *prak!* That was the sound of my heart breaking!

shirley said...

Aiyo... So easy break ar? Then u store it in a box lo =D I guarantee u ur heart will not only break once only. Lol.