Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Haha, tonight first time go out together with both Ah Yieng and Judieth. So siao. We went to 3rd mile kopitiam to accompany Eric eat his dinner. He is so nice. He really treat Ah Yieng good, like little sister oh, Ah Yieng ho? =P

3 lady's drinks

Me lor, people take photo also want to hide =P

She wants to try mixing the 3 flavour together. Looks nice! =D

Poor them

My parents only remind me that next time should tell them where I go. Haha, thought they are going to scold me again.

In the earlier outing, me and Judieth had done something ~meaningful~. Enjoyed ourselves quite a lot. And took many pictures as well. However, under Judieth's special request, I decided not to post them out here. =P I also don't want to post up lar... Keep it somewhere safe ok liao. =D Look at them after few years. Haha...

*ehem* Eric said something in the car just now oh...

So sleepy now. Not used to the night class of accounting tutorial. Still good as I did not fell asleep in Mr Thomas's class. He looks strict and just now I made a request to repeat his speech but he did not hiu me. Maybe because I wear like want to go play badminton or because he caught me not listening there. His eyes seems sharp. =P A bit hard to approach for me. I guess this is my shortest post. Its 12:22am now. Good morning everyone!


saykhia said...

This Eric.. We thought where he went 'cos he didn't go class. Mana tau he go makan dinner. Eric, we have a word for this: 'palat'.

And I thought that Shirley is anything but camera shy?

Eric said...

nolah.. i was helping ah yieng with her html.. see her blog for new changes.. anyway, shirley.. you don't have to tell everyone what i said in the car bah.. it is supposed to be a secret that i oops!!

JAZZON said...

Go out din chia me. Din even tell me!! Mummy so bad one!!!

shirley said...

I AM camera shy at certain moments.
it is no longer a secret anymore right? everyone knows that eric kiss with kuan yang OOPS!
haha, mummy go out with friends u follow what. No lah, that time also suddenly decide to go ma, we just finished our tutorial. =)