Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Story of 3 Girls- Part 1

I am so tired. But since I have decided to sign up for the 'Negativity Nil Campaign', I don't want to post any negative things here.

Avery wrote, 'So this is the campaign. The ‘Negative Nil’ campaign. What were gonna do is to put an end to negativity among ourselves or at least kurangkan it la. If you wanna join, sign up with a comment and we’ll send you a special captain planet membership ring.' It has got a message behind it, so I support! I wish I get the blue captain planet ring. Got the power of water. =D

Last night, Judieth had done a funny thing. She locked her car key in her car! She and Ah Yieng had to stay over night at my house. So lucky! So unexpected! 3 of us stay in the dark room and have a lot of fun. It is all about laptop, alcohol, camera, and girl talks!

At first, Ah Yieng drinks ALCOHOL! Must be very excited to know what happens next right? A small cup of alcohol 3 of us want to share together. We are a bit worry that she will be drunk after that. But, oops... The alcohol spilled! In the end, only left these...

Few drops of butterscotch, cannot even see alcohol.

Ah Yieng was so sad... Then she started to laugh out loudly. Laugh until rolling on the bed. Me and Judieth don't know what happened to her.

The alcohol+butterscotch

Finish in one gulp!

Ah Yieng said,"I drink alcohol!"

That is after she finish drinking... Siao ki

After kacau-ing avery and eric in msn, again, photo session! Girls are like that. In the future we can still see our friend's face. =) We are thinking as if we are models. Let's see how good is our pose...


Ah Yieng

Three of us!!!


Midnight liao still got people call Judieth le, when she is answering the phone, 2 of us start to... =P


Took photo with Judieth who is still on the phone


Pretending to sleep

This is going to be a long post. Still got so many photos haven't uploaded. I need to go do my assignment first liao. To be continued! =D


Tiong yienG said...

aham...i think no need write me drink alcohol ba....haha...i really enjoy with u and judieth last night...

saykhia said...

Ah Yieng drink alcohol?? Tak sangka ler. I guess girls really show their stripes when they're all alone. Hahaha...

saykhia said...
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Eric said...

shirley and judieth arr.. bring ah yieng become bad nia.. later ah yieng drink alcohol, then become permanent tomato baru you know..

shirley said...

Ah Yieng,
no! cannot miss this part. haha, ur action very cute n funny la. especially when u pretends to be drunk.
saykhia & eric,
haiya, curious ba, girls together can drink. ah yieng is too naive, must train her to drink some so that in future wont get cheated by u people. =P