Friday, May 18, 2007

The Story of 3 Girls- Part 2

The story continues...

sleeping ZZzz

Playing 'die luo han':

This is a hamburger. Ah Yieng is the beef, Judieth and me being the bun =D

Then we become ice-cream. I am mint's flavour, judieth is corn flavour, and ah yieng is strawberry flavour. XD

Like Crayon Shin Chan's head(after being boxed by his mum haha!)

Random pose:

Don't hit me... Please forgive me!!!

Hehe, peace!

Miss Pageant kiss

Poor Judieth, see we don't hiu her liao...

Charlie's Angel X

Miss Colgate

Normal, 'kek' scared, frowned

Which one do you prefer?

Judieth: Somebody just don't understand...

Me: Camwhoring

Ah yieng: Mothers Day Poem

Before we went to sleep, Judieth and Ah Yieng each took a photo with the Jolin poster in my sister's room...

Cute Jolin

Cool Jolin

*******The following content is strictly confidential*******

p/s: Laura took a picture of my p* g* that night!!!


Laura ;p said...

aiks... do u nid to say dat out?>?? oh my... aiks aiks... not i want oh.. is u keep on showing me oh.. aiks.. somemore still ask me to post it.. where gok ppl wun their p*g* to be post in blog.. aiks.. ewwwwww...shirley ar shirley..

shirley said...

Hehe, Laura dun think I m desperate again. Who ask u dun wan to post anything ar... Hmph... =P

Laura ;p said...

i did liao oh... ;p
din say thank u pun.. see i owes fullfill ur wishes de bo.. and u.. haih.. make me sad nia.. ;p

Eric said...

so many pictures.. i see till i feel gelik.. =p

Lala said...

jealous ar, eric.. ;p