Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Exam Finished ^_^

"Ah Qin's song is nice! Introduce 2 songs for u today. I set the song autoplay until tonight. Enjoy. =) "

Finally we finished the last 2 subjects, Quantitative Analysis and Marketing Concept yesterday. Did not have much confidence in this time's exam. The result of studying at the eleventh hour... Anyway, it is all over now. Think of how to spend this 6 weeks semester break is better than worrying about the results.

Everyone came out of the exam hall very early, for QA. We gather few friends together to go out and celebrate. Had our dinner at Westwood. (Where got very cheap ar the foods?) But nice foods la. Nice waiter too. One of the waiters even joined my friends to say me have cock eye problem. His face looks funny. Haha. I ordered a lamb chop with black pepper sauce, which is very big. It taste MUCH better after Stewart and Ah Yieng helped me to add in extra black pepper powder...

Not forget to take photos. Dunno NG how many times, only managed to take 2 ok shots.

Three of us

Me and Judieth

We also went to Parkson and Sarawak Plaza. Me, Judieth, Ah Yieng tried on some clothes there.


She is so fair... Everyday drink a lot of milk.
Judieth help us take photos, she didn't try. The one I wear is chosen by her. =)

Next destination. We even tried on the night gowns there. Made the salesgirl there so angry when she found that we have no intention to buy the clothes. Judieth heard her scolding, after me and Ah Yieng handed her the clothes, as she was still in the fitting room. =X

Me and Ah Yieng used the same fitting room. =D The green-coloured gown on Ah Yieng priced at almost RM500!!! The gown is indeed unique but the price is just too shockingly high. Didn't even look at the price first when we choose clothes.
Judieth's gown is nice too, should take the photo of her back. No zip one, it is tied by a string. =P
Ah Yieng and Judieth.

I think the boys are quite bored. Eric even kena saman for simply parking. Don't know need to pay how much. So kolien him. Those people are so hardworking in giving saman nowadays. I never expect me or my friends will get one. Hope the saman he got is not over hundred.

So going to enjoy this 6 weeks holidays. =)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Friends & Family Slideshow

Finally finished this slideshow!!! Spend so many time on it. Last time promised cuihan to make this, about friends one, procrastinate until now only finish. Like it so much la. The sweet feeling will suddenly pop out. And feel so nostalgic to see some of us change from 1st semester. Anyway, this is an experimental one. Hope I can come out with a better and more complete one after the exam. =) Must watch ar! If here loading very slow, go youtube watch faster.

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Recently have been very 'zhi lian' again. (Zhi lian is not chicken face can!?)=P Have been very zhi lian and took many photos with my sis and Laura. This post can skip one. Haha.

"Pai(1) Lai(2) Pai(1) Qu(4) Dou(1) Shi(4) Yi(1) Yang(4) De(4)". This time I did not go around scare people liao. See, all the photos I upload in small version. If you want to see bigger version, just click on it. But it was not very clear, maybe my hand shake or what.

Yesterday don't know why Susan have the mood to play camera with me. All these we took in front of mirrors.

Err, this one looks funny.

My sister seems to be really angry ho? Scary her.

I like this one. So cute! =D

Got someone behind us, thats Vincent, our brother. We invited him to join us. But he replied us with "Siao Siao de".
This is also the photo which Susan is most satisfied with.

Looks so dumb la. Like those who have mental problems.

Halfway, my 2nd sister, Stephanie, joined our photos taking session. Hehe, 3 sisters' camwhore.

These photos I like very much!!! Happy times. =) More accurately, should be, I like my sisters! Love you all. ^_^

Then evening camwhore again. This time is camwhore through webcam. With Laura after haircut. She said she want to post something about webcam, so lets wait for her post then. I am not so satisfied with the photos though. =P

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Na Nian Xia Tian Ning Jing De Hai

Once apon a time~

Yesterday is the Law In Global Business exam for business students. Finally it is over! I always did badly in those memorising subjects, especially not interesting ones, like Sejarah. Even though I listen so attentively in Sejarah's lecture, still cannot remember when I tried to write essays. Maybe if I revise every week it will be different la, but I never did. Oh, bad.

Actually I like to read stories. The stories I like to read involve feelings, emotions, ficton, dreams, wisdom, and fun. When I was in Primary school, I like fairy tales, Stories of Affendi, comics, myths and legends, chinese literature and History of China. Cinderella, and Little Mermaid story are both my favourites. Already read over 100++ times liao, now ask me to read again still love them.


I like story books =)

Yesterday I browse through an argumentative essay of Siew Yong's, "Fairy Tales: Not Good for Children". How come? It points out that children will have the "all stepmothers are evil", or "Princess wating to be rescued by the kiss of Prince" and they want to be a Princess like that kind of thinking.

Erm, I admit I used to think like that la. But when I slowly grow up, I went through many occassions, read about the news around the world, the reality is very very much different from the dream. There are step mothers who treat step daughters better than ibu kandung, mothers who killed their own babies, and not all those princess who looks pretty are kind hearted... Well, I never met one of those people mentioned, I do hope I can meet one or two unusual person. Haha.

The Lion and the Mice
So nice isn't it?
Telling us that there is no forever enemy in this world

Sometimes what we see with our own eyes are not necessarily true, what more to say if it is heard? A message was transfered along a circle of people, when it reach the first person again, it is totally a different thing already. Somthings we need to feel with our heart, our feelings are always right in telling us what is the right thing to do, and what to believe.

Girls in their teenage years like to dream, mostly dream of finding their prince charming. Then have a "The Prince and Princess live a happy life forever" ending. I wonder if boys also dream of their princess when they are still children. Or they only likes to fight all the time. ??? Anyway, I still think that fairy tales are very good for children. They influence the children to have positive thinking towards the world. Those "all stepmothers are evil" kind of thinking will be understand by them after mixing into the society. This is called the process of going mature lor.

Stories always bear a message for readers. Like in the Hare and the Tortoise, it tells us that the determination is more powerful than the fate. Slow and steady wins the race. Being confidence is ok, but not too over, that will become proud.

Here, I found some of the Grimm brother's stories, although there are only words and no pictures, they are still interesting. Link
Note: only courier text with white background. =)
Ongoing Tales E-Magazine This one got background music and graphics.
Climb, climb higher to get the Golden Egg
"Jack and the Beanstalk"

Always think positively! Exams are best challenges for us. =)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Special Cheese Cake for my Special Daddy

Memorable day. This morning I baked a cake. Having no idea what to buy for our father, my cousin came up with this. (At first he suggested writing Happy Fathers day on a Pau for my father) Eating a cake make by his own daughter is more meaningful than anything else bought outside right? Right! Since everyone wants a cheese cake, I do lor. My first baked cake looks something like this:

If got icing to decorate sure more fun. Me and my sisters will have a good fight over the decorating job.

Before turning over the cake

Take a nearer look

Besides the cake, got Bak Zhang, Zhu Chang Fen, Pau etc... (Guess what happened to me?)

Erm, that is my mum's hand...

Took so many photos for the cheese cake, looks just the same, but feel like not taking enough. If my father feel happy for it, then all my efforts are worth.
Just now they said it taste quite ok. My father told his friend that I made the cake. Guess he is happy with it. Overall, I get a credit for my first master piece! Haha.
Some people do not know what to give their father to show their appreciation. Some is because they don't know what Fathers need. Some do not have money to buy present. And some think Fathers won't care about this day. Father's day not necessarily have to bake cheese cake for them. Fathers only need children's appreciation, that they worked so hard for the family, we know; and that he is happy to give us a happy life we desired, we are thankful; and of course knowing that we feel happy to have a special father like him, then that is enough. Of course Fathers won't care if you did not give him expensive presents, just remember to hug him and say, "Ba, Happy Father's Day". Wah, no need say liao.

p/s: Many thanks to my cousin, Chung Teck Seng for his contribution of idea. Or else this post also won't exist.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tips To Slim Down

Final exam is getting nearer and nearer. We organised a study group, but I think it was not so effective for me. Managed to read few words only in that 4 hours. Maybe I was not in the mood... But don't worry for me friends, I am still doing fine at this moment.

I suffered a lot for these few days, as I was on diet. But now it is all over! Relieved + Extremely happy. I made up my mind that I will never ever follow whatever slimming course again. As long as I am confident, I will be considered a beauty. Haha! Want to read more? Recommend Jacq's blog.

Now I have the energy to study my books liao. Last few days were like a bit dizzy, cannot concentrate on my thinking.

Here, I will NOT recommend anyone to go on diet for to slim down. No use one. Once I relax myself ar, all the efforts gone. It will instead earn you more inches of meat. Do exercise is more effective and healthier. But of course cannot eat too much also.

Below are some tips for those who wants to slim down. Self motivation + Self control! Gambate~

First, control the foods you eat. Must be balanced and get all the nutrients needed in a day. Fruits and vegetables eat more, water drink more (it makes you full), meat amd rice eat less. Rice contains carbohydrate which will be transformed into fats. If you belongs to the group who doesn't need much energy for daily activities, then take less.

Eat at the same time everyday. Eg. 8.00a.m. eat breakfast everyday. Cannot one day eat at 6.30am, the next day eat at 9.15am. The amount also should be more or less the same. Must be consistent.
One principle can be followed is, eat well for breakfast(nutritious), eat lots for lunch, eat less for dinner.
Nibble your foods instead of gobbling them. This will help you to digest and feel full faster. Also remember to drink enough water, at least 2 litres per day.

Exercise! This cannot be left out. If you only eat less and did not do exercise, the meat will become loose loose one. And when you did not notice, the meat will grow back in an unbelievable speed! Over 30 minutes is ok for one day. Doing Yoga, jogging, swimming are all some good choices.

To maintain your weight is more difficult than to slim down. Make sure you can resist the foods attraction. Especially when there are many friends like Aldrin and Jacq around you. Keep yourself busy doing other things then foods won't pop up on your mind so often.
If can find friends to do together better. Able to compete, compare, and encourage each other.

To be more systematic, set a target for what you want to achieve. For example, 3kg for one month. Then do a report for your daily intake, activities, and weight(Easier for analysis, can correct your diet). Look at those pretty girls and determine that one day you will be like them also. Self motivation bah. Hope that those photos motivated you. =)

Anyway, health is more important than anything. Want to slim down also must consider your methods carefully whether it affects your health. It will be too high the price to exchange health with nice body figure.

Good luck!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stupid Guy

Today mood very good. I went to walk at a park near by my home. On the way, two Malays cycled past me and said, "halo". I did not know them so I did not greet back. After a while, they made a U-turn and cycle back. This time one of them said, "What is your name? Can I fuck with you?" I was shocked for a second. But I did not give any reaction la. This is the type of Malay I dislike, they tease any girl without thinking about what others feel.

Wan(2) Ba(1) Dan(4) Shi(3) Zhu(1) Ni(3) Qu(4) Shi(3) Ba!

But of course there are still some good Malays la. Like the security guard I met (also on the way to the park) who greeted me in the morning. And the Malay friends in "One Love".

By the way, I am on diet. Second day. My mum cooked Bah-Kut-Teh for dinner eh!!! I can smell, watch, and drool only. Walaueh, smells like the Grandma's Bah Kut Teh le. Anyway, mum said she will make for me when I can eat again. Hahah.

Must study hard! Aja aja fighting! Hope I can finish la...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lucky Star

Just arrived home after my accounting tutorial. Tonight Judieth, Tyng Tyng and me sit for the accounting test 2 that we missed last week. So happy that I get 8 marks from the 0 marks at first! Judieth and Tyng Tyng missed the test because they went travelling, but me? I forgot that night got class! So terrible student, I know, I should feel Dui(4) Bu(4) Qi(3) Mr Thomas, he put so much effort on us and have high expectations on us. I will Jia(1) You(2) De(4) in this final exam, and make you feel proud of us. =D

I am the lucky star of tonight. At first I was told that no replacement for this test 2 but just now Laura called and told me to go for tonight's test! I managed to flip through few pages of lecture notes before the tutorial (standing outside library learn gok). Happily stepped into the room waiting to be tested,

Mr Thomas said, "Why got 3 people, i thought two only?"

Judieth help me explained, "ya, two of us, this one (point to me) missed the class last week"

Mr Thomas," no, you cannot sit for the replacement test unless you apply for it."

Me, showing a HA??? expression and then quickly said, "never mind , then you two take lo"

As I walked to Ah yieng, teacher asked, "why you didn't come for last week?"

Me, "because I forgot got class. because I only attend the tute once and still not used to it."


Then suddenly Judieth said, "eh come, still can take the test! teacher take 3 copies!"

My lifeless face suddenly become radiant and shiny. Get up and walk up to get the 8-mark-worth paper.

Judieth asked a funny question, "teacher, can we use that room (point)?"

She offered generously as the teacher looked at her, "never mind, we can go there do when you are teaching here"

Teacher smilingly said, "then you might as well ask me to give you full marks"

Haha, only then we know what's wrong with her question.

Maybe those who wished me good luck just now really did pray for me, must say thank you to them first.


Teacher is very good lo, he told us some questions that will probably come out in the final. He spot only la. Then still share with us his experiences in his job. Gives some useful advices too. Teacher don't worry, your efforts are not wasted. The final exam will be ok de, right Judieth, Yieng and Tyng Tyng? Besides, all my dear friends don't stress yourself out. Just try your best enough liao. Jia you!

Nah, let you play a game so that you can relax a bit. My sister introduced to me few minutes ago. If I play, keep on crashing one, very annoying. Cannot play very well. I think the helicopter looks more like a fish.
Please enjoy! ^ ^

Monday, June 04, 2007

Self ♥, Family ♥, Country ♥

I love myself. I love my family. And I love my friends. Do you?

I believe that we should love ourselves first before we learn to love others. If I cannot find nice things to appreciate in myself, how can I find from others? Perhaps I was not the prettiest, or the smartest, I may have something that others do not have. I am special. =) A Chinese proverb goes like this," Tian(1) Sheng(1) Wo(3) Cai(2) Bi(4) You (3)Yong(4)", must dig and dig in myself to find the useful part and make good use of it. Since I am the only one who know myself the best.

I like my country, the land I was living on, and my culture too. Like the tradition to eat dumplings, mooncakes, and Tang(1) Yuan(2) during the festival. And also our traditional clothes Cheongsam. Pretty le. I really think China is great, being a chinese is something proud.

Besides the Chinese culture, Malaysian's culture more or less also influences me, unconsciously. There are a lot of improvements in Malaysia's development nowadays, besides being famously known for its Petronas Twin Tower. Even the famous Super Junior also took screen at the Twin Tower le. Now the Ringgit's value has increased right? And the KWSP for working people also increased. Not sure how to say, anyway it is something related to your parents and money la. The money they can get after they do not work anymore increased. In Kuching, there is also a KIA (Kuching International Airport) which is comparable to the KLIA airport. When you look down from the plane at night, the view is magnificient! Malaysia has been really different day by day. I am so proud to be a Malaysian. Lucky. =)

Picture Source:
The Eye on Malaysia just launched beginning of this year

I love myself, that is why I always camwhore ma. Not because I think I am pretty or what. I try to find which angle to take photo has a better effect. Love yourself too ya! I love my family, the most! Last night me with my sister spent some time to edit photos of us, and come out with these:

We are family!

So hard to get my grandma's photo. Everytime I want to take piture with her, she will avoid the camera and say, "don't take la, I am very old and ugly already, you take yourself". My mum also, she don't like us to take her pictures. Under this special occassion (Mothers Day),my father asked me to be the camera girl and take picture of my mum and grandma. Haha, only then I can take a proper picture of them. =D

Happy Us


Happy us Version 2
Eldest: Shirley
2nd: Stephanie
3rd: Vincent
Youngest: Susan

And also the banner on top of my blog is also created last night. Satisfying after all the works. =D My father also request me to save a copy of "We are family" picture in his pendrive. Then when he can see us whenever he is. (Must have computer la) =D

In conclusion, love yourself, love your family and friends! And everything around you! Peace. ^^v

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Green Forest

Got spider webs all over my blog liao. I have not been updating because I am addicted to an interesting Taiwan drama. These few days I have been chasing after "Green Forest". If not because need to wait for my mum, I can finish the 15 episodes in a mere 15 hours. =D It is a story about love and hope.

Main Actor:

Main Actress:

This story is a bit like cinderella. Sophie is a princess who enjoy her parents love besides being protected by her knight (owen jing) and prince (william spencer). But everything changes after Susan is adopted by her parents. Susan wants to own everything belongs to Sophie, including her knight and prince.

Sophie with her knight and Prince

Sophie is a naive and stubborn girl who believes that her prince will keep his childhood promise and come back to find her. She also believes there is no difference between rich and poor, and she tries her best to terminate all the unfairness happened because of their status.

Many misunderstandings and obstacles are between Sophie and her prince, William. Due to their strong beliefs in each other, they are finally together. On the other hand, the loyal knight who swears to protect Sophie from all the harm, Owen Jing, sacrifies a lot for her too. I like him! (His smile ^^v) He played violin inside this drama. Prince of Violin le. The songs and his sad love for Sophie, is so touching. Enjoyed every screen that has him.

Too bad I cannot find image of him playing violin, I like that time most. Sad.

Susan, the bad sister who bullied Sophie everytime, is dumped by her mother. She has a terrible childhood, which causes her to be jealous of Sophie's happiness. After her father died (His father is bad! always beat her and her mother, thats why her mother left), she was adopted by susan's parents. She tries very hard to climb up, to live a life that she wants. By all means, she causes Sophie to lose many chances of being together with William. (Really bad lar) But she finally found her directions in her life, after she starts to notice Brian (always go against William one). Brian supports Susan at her back and is willing to fulfill all her wishes, including to help her marry William. I dislike Susan at first as she is really so wicked. Sophie treats her so good, as her sister, but Susan never cares and appreciate all these.

Susan is bad...

But,her attitude changes after she knew that Sophie was infected with the disease, Pseudomonas (likely to die because of infection of bacteria, Owen's mother died because of this disease). She finally realised that her sister is more than anything that she is after. At that time, she began to feel and care about the people around her. She has a happy ending after all. She engaged with Brian, improved the relationship with her real mother and with Sophie.

Susan starts to scare that she will lose Sophie...

All the story starts in the "Greenlight Elementary School". Where there is no boundaries for students learning. The education process is carried out in "Greenlight Forest". The concept is to let children grow up in an environment of nature, learn in a school of no walls. I wish I can learn in that school. The children although are not well disciplined, they are down to earth, united, and has 'big'(wei da de) spirit. They faced difficulties all the time that their school has to be closed down. Under their persistence, all the problems are solved one by one. In the end, "Green Light Elementary School" was combined with the "Spencer Royal Music School". The children from both school mixed together and learn different things from each other. There are many interesting stories happened between the kids too.

Sophie is a very positive minded girl. She faces her tragic life with positive attitude and influences everyone around her. She will not give up easily and always think for other people. She is a sun, brightens up the dark corner of people's heart. She always quarrel with William. Both of them are stubborn and arrogant. It was so cute of them. All their quarrels are very childish. Anyway, their promise, their belief has led them to be happily forever after.

Cute couple- William & Sophie

They fall into the river when they visit again the places they went before in childhood. William saved Sophie from being drowned.

Recommend this drama to all those who are bored and need some motivation in life. The songs are nice too! I give two thumbs up to this drama. =D

1st episode preview: Believe, and you will see the green light!"