Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Exam Finished ^_^

"Ah Qin's song is nice! Introduce 2 songs for u today. I set the song autoplay until tonight. Enjoy. =) "

Finally we finished the last 2 subjects, Quantitative Analysis and Marketing Concept yesterday. Did not have much confidence in this time's exam. The result of studying at the eleventh hour... Anyway, it is all over now. Think of how to spend this 6 weeks semester break is better than worrying about the results.

Everyone came out of the exam hall very early, for QA. We gather few friends together to go out and celebrate. Had our dinner at Westwood. (Where got very cheap ar the foods?) But nice foods la. Nice waiter too. One of the waiters even joined my friends to say me have cock eye problem. His face looks funny. Haha. I ordered a lamb chop with black pepper sauce, which is very big. It taste MUCH better after Stewart and Ah Yieng helped me to add in extra black pepper powder...

Not forget to take photos. Dunno NG how many times, only managed to take 2 ok shots.

Three of us

Me and Judieth

We also went to Parkson and Sarawak Plaza. Me, Judieth, Ah Yieng tried on some clothes there.


She is so fair... Everyday drink a lot of milk.
Judieth help us take photos, she didn't try. The one I wear is chosen by her. =)

Next destination. We even tried on the night gowns there. Made the salesgirl there so angry when she found that we have no intention to buy the clothes. Judieth heard her scolding, after me and Ah Yieng handed her the clothes, as she was still in the fitting room. =X

Me and Ah Yieng used the same fitting room. =D The green-coloured gown on Ah Yieng priced at almost RM500!!! The gown is indeed unique but the price is just too shockingly high. Didn't even look at the price first when we choose clothes.
Judieth's gown is nice too, should take the photo of her back. No zip one, it is tied by a string. =P
Ah Yieng and Judieth.

I think the boys are quite bored. Eric even kena saman for simply parking. Don't know need to pay how much. So kolien him. Those people are so hardworking in giving saman nowadays. I never expect me or my friends will get one. Hope the saman he got is not over hundred.

So going to enjoy this 6 weeks holidays. =)


ezra said...

Nice =)

shirley said...

Ya, like models wearing nice clothes right? ^^ lol.
No lar, thanks.

LalaTing ;p said...

MEI NU (S) !!!! Haha.. but i've told u oredi rite.. dun want to write here la.. ;)

candyclarie said...

phew wit =P

Eric said...

haha.. who wanna kahwin..?

saykhia said...

Not bad not bad.

Nasib I didn't follow, though. I would probably die that night from choking on my own fingernails. Or I would die from blood loss from biting my fingers out of boredom =P

Tiong yienG said...

haha....u post the got holiday for 6 month...haha....shirley i wan the green one....but too expensive...haha...enjoy rite?..u look so time need to wear like that...hehe...oh time i will help u put the black pepper have a better taste ahaha...

10LilyN said...

U guys went shopping without me...T_T I dunno tat shop got such nice clothes le.

shirley said...

lalating ;p
u can actually be one of them le. But I think u also dun wan la ho? =P
Ya, ur advice is really useful. Next time will think carefully before doing this again.

tiong yieng,
oops, its 6 weeks. Paiseh ar.
Really enjoy... But so unlucky kena scolded by the saleswoman.
Next time ar, dun wan to go eat with u liao. =P Haha, jk. So fun to eat with u ppl.

u noe which shop we go to ar? I dint even write out the name of the shop wor. Next time lor, if still got lar. =P

shirley said...


haha, me!!! Who wants me?

=_=''' Haha, discovery. Alrin bite his nails (or fingers?) when he feel bored... =D Next time sure need to do this with ur wife or gf one ma, please start to like this activity. =P

LalaTing ;p said...

Be one of them> wad is them??

shirley said...

lalating ;p
not what la, is who. U can be one of the mei nu(s) right? But u wan to cook chicken soup.