Monday, June 25, 2007

Friends & Family Slideshow

Finally finished this slideshow!!! Spend so many time on it. Last time promised cuihan to make this, about friends one, procrastinate until now only finish. Like it so much la. The sweet feeling will suddenly pop out. And feel so nostalgic to see some of us change from 1st semester. Anyway, this is an experimental one. Hope I can come out with a better and more complete one after the exam. =) Must watch ar! If here loading very slow, go youtube watch faster.


Ezra said...

haha. many nice pics. The funniest is the last pic. Look like erm... dunno what also. haha.

saykhia said...

How come all the best pictures are those of you and Laura! Hahaha... And got one pic where I was talking to Laura, can see the Manchester United logo on my shirt ba. Support Man Utd! =P

That last picture aa.. Almost spit out the biscuit I had in my mouth aa. Hahaha!

shirley said...

ezra, (or anonymous? =P)
haha, I help u answer la, like mashimaro lo, or even like baboon face.
And thanks. =)

i support Liverpool. =P Ya lor, u two were so close in that pic ho?
Sorry oh. And ar, need me to help u wipe ur computer screen or not?

Tiong yienG said...

wah...shirley i like this so so touch...haha...all the best for ur exam...jia you...u are so precious to me

Stewart said...

wow wow wow... only the last pic is nice... haha... kiding...

lau sik kia said...

i dont see anything on the website eh..... what slide show?

LalaTing ;p said...

OI!!! ARGH!!! i just say luckily din put my pic for de previous post!! HAHA.. mana tahu when i see dis post.. at first i thought dun haf me.. but i end up wrong.. haha..

Saykhia, wad do u mean by: "How come all the best pictures are those of you and Laura!"

Btw, shirley ar.. eric's hand reli so big ho.. until can cover his head ar.. haha.. And whose dat kid after avery's pic??And ar.. y u take de one we pura pura sleeping 1.. aiks aiks.. tao yan.. HAHA...

shirley said...

tiong yieng,
u r precious to me too. I hope to see u change more in the future lo. Now is university, really have to learn new things. Jia you ya? =)

weird, why I have the same feeling as u? =P

lau sik kia,
guess u r using the pc in Swinburne. In school youtube is blocked. When u r at home remember to watch. =)

haha, that eric's pic so special ho? Even if the hand cover his face ar, everyone seems still can recognize him eh.
Erm, that kid is alfred, used to play badminton with him one. See his smile so bright.
That one I used to compare with the pics now. From 2 innocent girl turn to the us now... =D

huiChing said...

this is nice!! and i noe that u will put the last pic in the slide show as the last pic. so cute!!
anyway u use wat to do the slide show?

shirley said...

how do u noe that? Hehe. Thanks.
Erm, dunno oh. When u view photos, there will be a "Make a movie" button.
U click it then can make the slideshow with music n different transition liao. =)