Saturday, June 02, 2007

Green Forest

Got spider webs all over my blog liao. I have not been updating because I am addicted to an interesting Taiwan drama. These few days I have been chasing after "Green Forest". If not because need to wait for my mum, I can finish the 15 episodes in a mere 15 hours. =D It is a story about love and hope.

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This story is a bit like cinderella. Sophie is a princess who enjoy her parents love besides being protected by her knight (owen jing) and prince (william spencer). But everything changes after Susan is adopted by her parents. Susan wants to own everything belongs to Sophie, including her knight and prince.

Sophie with her knight and Prince

Sophie is a naive and stubborn girl who believes that her prince will keep his childhood promise and come back to find her. She also believes there is no difference between rich and poor, and she tries her best to terminate all the unfairness happened because of their status.

Many misunderstandings and obstacles are between Sophie and her prince, William. Due to their strong beliefs in each other, they are finally together. On the other hand, the loyal knight who swears to protect Sophie from all the harm, Owen Jing, sacrifies a lot for her too. I like him! (His smile ^^v) He played violin inside this drama. Prince of Violin le. The songs and his sad love for Sophie, is so touching. Enjoyed every screen that has him.

Too bad I cannot find image of him playing violin, I like that time most. Sad.

Susan, the bad sister who bullied Sophie everytime, is dumped by her mother. She has a terrible childhood, which causes her to be jealous of Sophie's happiness. After her father died (His father is bad! always beat her and her mother, thats why her mother left), she was adopted by susan's parents. She tries very hard to climb up, to live a life that she wants. By all means, she causes Sophie to lose many chances of being together with William. (Really bad lar) But she finally found her directions in her life, after she starts to notice Brian (always go against William one). Brian supports Susan at her back and is willing to fulfill all her wishes, including to help her marry William. I dislike Susan at first as she is really so wicked. Sophie treats her so good, as her sister, but Susan never cares and appreciate all these.

Susan is bad...

But,her attitude changes after she knew that Sophie was infected with the disease, Pseudomonas (likely to die because of infection of bacteria, Owen's mother died because of this disease). She finally realised that her sister is more than anything that she is after. At that time, she began to feel and care about the people around her. She has a happy ending after all. She engaged with Brian, improved the relationship with her real mother and with Sophie.

Susan starts to scare that she will lose Sophie...

All the story starts in the "Greenlight Elementary School". Where there is no boundaries for students learning. The education process is carried out in "Greenlight Forest". The concept is to let children grow up in an environment of nature, learn in a school of no walls. I wish I can learn in that school. The children although are not well disciplined, they are down to earth, united, and has 'big'(wei da de) spirit. They faced difficulties all the time that their school has to be closed down. Under their persistence, all the problems are solved one by one. In the end, "Green Light Elementary School" was combined with the "Spencer Royal Music School". The children from both school mixed together and learn different things from each other. There are many interesting stories happened between the kids too.

Sophie is a very positive minded girl. She faces her tragic life with positive attitude and influences everyone around her. She will not give up easily and always think for other people. She is a sun, brightens up the dark corner of people's heart. She always quarrel with William. Both of them are stubborn and arrogant. It was so cute of them. All their quarrels are very childish. Anyway, their promise, their belief has led them to be happily forever after.

Cute couple- William & Sophie

They fall into the river when they visit again the places they went before in childhood. William saved Sophie from being drowned.

Recommend this drama to all those who are bored and need some motivation in life. The songs are nice too! I give two thumbs up to this drama. =D

1st episode preview: Believe, and you will see the green light!"


LalaTing ;p said...

i noe dis drama.. astro gok show.. but i din watch.. haha.. ;p

Johnson said...

Yea, i finished watching this drama liaw. Very nice. Touching. Make me cry nia.
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shirley said...

lalating ;p,
its worth watching! Aiyo...

last time u got tell me its nice ler. So when my mother borrow this drama i go n watch lor. =) Really nice story.