Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lucky Star

Just arrived home after my accounting tutorial. Tonight Judieth, Tyng Tyng and me sit for the accounting test 2 that we missed last week. So happy that I get 8 marks from the 0 marks at first! Judieth and Tyng Tyng missed the test because they went travelling, but me? I forgot that night got class! So terrible student, I know, I should feel Dui(4) Bu(4) Qi(3) Mr Thomas, he put so much effort on us and have high expectations on us. I will Jia(1) You(2) De(4) in this final exam, and make you feel proud of us. =D

I am the lucky star of tonight. At first I was told that no replacement for this test 2 but just now Laura called and told me to go for tonight's test! I managed to flip through few pages of lecture notes before the tutorial (standing outside library learn gok). Happily stepped into the room waiting to be tested,

Mr Thomas said, "Why got 3 people, i thought two only?"

Judieth help me explained, "ya, two of us, this one (point to me) missed the class last week"

Mr Thomas," no, you cannot sit for the replacement test unless you apply for it."

Me, showing a HA??? expression and then quickly said, "never mind , then you two take lo"

As I walked to Ah yieng, teacher asked, "why you didn't come for last week?"

Me, "because I forgot got class. because I only attend the tute once and still not used to it."


Then suddenly Judieth said, "eh come, still can take the test! teacher take 3 copies!"

My lifeless face suddenly become radiant and shiny. Get up and walk up to get the 8-mark-worth paper.

Judieth asked a funny question, "teacher, can we use that room (point)?"

She offered generously as the teacher looked at her, "never mind, we can go there do when you are teaching here"

Teacher smilingly said, "then you might as well ask me to give you full marks"

Haha, only then we know what's wrong with her question.

Maybe those who wished me good luck just now really did pray for me, must say thank you to them first.


Teacher is very good lo, he told us some questions that will probably come out in the final. He spot only la. Then still share with us his experiences in his job. Gives some useful advices too. Teacher don't worry, your efforts are not wasted. The final exam will be ok de, right Judieth, Yieng and Tyng Tyng? Besides, all my dear friends don't stress yourself out. Just try your best enough liao. Jia you!

Nah, let you play a game so that you can relax a bit. My sister introduced to me few minutes ago. If I play, keep on crashing one, very annoying. Cannot play very well. I think the helicopter looks more like a fish.
Please enjoy! ^ ^


ryiano said...

y ur chat room canot post de?
see me so good ar.. go click ur nuffnang...ahaha

ryiano said...

eh blogspot can type chinese in entry onot?

shirley said...

wah, so good oh u. I m very touched. =P my chatroom no problem oh, maybe it dun wan to accept u eh. Haha.
Ya, you can post chinese entry in blogspot. =)

Tiong yienG said...

haha..u really lucky...so good still can get 8 marks...but me fail...huhuhu.. anywhere jia you ooo\

shirley said...

ah yieng,
ya, that night we all really so lucky oh. Teacher is so so good. U too! All of us must jia you jia you zai jia you! =D

Eric said...

got game to play~~!! final exam coming still play game..

shirley said...

u also ma... exam liao still go read ppl's blog. =P
i think u r very happy, next time i find another game for u to play ok? Haha. =D

rach said...

shirley sia...i ask u check out my latest blog..u left msg at the wrong blog ok...my blog is http://www.xanga.com/cheerfulchel ok..not rach_goh. lol. pls update the url lar k....keke. ok. gud luck in ur studies gal. k.i.p.

rach said...

i mean k.i.t (keep in touch)..btw, ur game is hard to play.lol. =p

shirley said...

sorry lo, i left msg at new blog d. haha. Ya, after my final, hope we can meet next week. =)