Thursday, June 21, 2007

Once apon a time~

Yesterday is the Law In Global Business exam for business students. Finally it is over! I always did badly in those memorising subjects, especially not interesting ones, like Sejarah. Even though I listen so attentively in Sejarah's lecture, still cannot remember when I tried to write essays. Maybe if I revise every week it will be different la, but I never did. Oh, bad.

Actually I like to read stories. The stories I like to read involve feelings, emotions, ficton, dreams, wisdom, and fun. When I was in Primary school, I like fairy tales, Stories of Affendi, comics, myths and legends, chinese literature and History of China. Cinderella, and Little Mermaid story are both my favourites. Already read over 100++ times liao, now ask me to read again still love them.


I like story books =)

Yesterday I browse through an argumentative essay of Siew Yong's, "Fairy Tales: Not Good for Children". How come? It points out that children will have the "all stepmothers are evil", or "Princess wating to be rescued by the kiss of Prince" and they want to be a Princess like that kind of thinking.

Erm, I admit I used to think like that la. But when I slowly grow up, I went through many occassions, read about the news around the world, the reality is very very much different from the dream. There are step mothers who treat step daughters better than ibu kandung, mothers who killed their own babies, and not all those princess who looks pretty are kind hearted... Well, I never met one of those people mentioned, I do hope I can meet one or two unusual person. Haha.

The Lion and the Mice
So nice isn't it?
Telling us that there is no forever enemy in this world

Sometimes what we see with our own eyes are not necessarily true, what more to say if it is heard? A message was transfered along a circle of people, when it reach the first person again, it is totally a different thing already. Somthings we need to feel with our heart, our feelings are always right in telling us what is the right thing to do, and what to believe.

Girls in their teenage years like to dream, mostly dream of finding their prince charming. Then have a "The Prince and Princess live a happy life forever" ending. I wonder if boys also dream of their princess when they are still children. Or they only likes to fight all the time. ??? Anyway, I still think that fairy tales are very good for children. They influence the children to have positive thinking towards the world. Those "all stepmothers are evil" kind of thinking will be understand by them after mixing into the society. This is called the process of going mature lor.

Stories always bear a message for readers. Like in the Hare and the Tortoise, it tells us that the determination is more powerful than the fate. Slow and steady wins the race. Being confidence is ok, but not too over, that will become proud.

Here, I found some of the Grimm brother's stories, although there are only words and no pictures, they are still interesting. Link
Note: only courier text with white background. =)
Ongoing Tales E-Magazine This one got background music and graphics.
Climb, climb higher to get the Golden Egg
"Jack and the Beanstalk"

Always think positively! Exams are best challenges for us. =)


saykhia said...

Fairy tales! Such nostalgia~ Hahaha.. I used to read lots of fairy tales too! But I've never dreamt of my "Princess Charming" lar. I guess it is true that boys only fight all the time =P

You've heard of Roald Dahl? He writes some fairy tales too! However, I read some of his fairy tales recently, and I think they're a little bit unsuitable for kids! Hahaha... Got a degree of insanity in his stories!

candyclarie said...

Ah u reminded me of my past. Enjoyed them so much. I loved stories about fairies.. elf... magician..those chinese godness or god.. Those magical ones. HEhe..

Not all girls dream about prince charming. Maybe u do.. but i was dreaming that i have powers. Magic! I even dreamt that u used magic to disturb my friends. That was funny. Hoho.=P

Every tale has its own moral value. Kids should learn from it.

Tiong yienG said...

i oso hate the memorizing so bad for the exam....

shirley said...

never dream oh? Should dream le. =P
Roald Dahl wrote fairy tales!? The Charlie and Chocolate Factory also written by him right?
Ya, I have a book of his, "Going Solo" but I never finish reading. haha. Its like his biography, his way of expressing quite interesting though.

haha, I read too much of the Princess series.
Magic I sometimes dream too, but just become invisible n can fly like that nia. Once I dreamt of having a magic broom like Mickey, automatic sweep the floor for u. =P

tiong yieng,
yalor, those history not interesting still want us to memorise one.
But luckily we choose accounting lo, no need memorise anymore. Haha.

Eric said...

J.K. Rowling is one of my favourite author.. =D

LalaTing ;p said...

ahem... ahem... straight away write dis topic after de chat ar.. haha..

shirley said...

she will be very happy to hear this. haha.
Harry Potter is more to adults story books le, I even cant understand those words in the thick thick books.

lalating ;p
yalor, it was thought provoking ma. Keep thinking about this after going back. =)

Anonymous said...

too bad the real world is far from fairy tale eh? Some values might not even be workable. =) [uNkNoWn]

shirley said...

ya, reality is always not the same, but I believe that as long as u have faith, all those will become true. =)