Monday, June 04, 2007

Self ♥, Family ♥, Country ♥

I love myself. I love my family. And I love my friends. Do you?

I believe that we should love ourselves first before we learn to love others. If I cannot find nice things to appreciate in myself, how can I find from others? Perhaps I was not the prettiest, or the smartest, I may have something that others do not have. I am special. =) A Chinese proverb goes like this," Tian(1) Sheng(1) Wo(3) Cai(2) Bi(4) You (3)Yong(4)", must dig and dig in myself to find the useful part and make good use of it. Since I am the only one who know myself the best.

I like my country, the land I was living on, and my culture too. Like the tradition to eat dumplings, mooncakes, and Tang(1) Yuan(2) during the festival. And also our traditional clothes Cheongsam. Pretty le. I really think China is great, being a chinese is something proud.

Besides the Chinese culture, Malaysian's culture more or less also influences me, unconsciously. There are a lot of improvements in Malaysia's development nowadays, besides being famously known for its Petronas Twin Tower. Even the famous Super Junior also took screen at the Twin Tower le. Now the Ringgit's value has increased right? And the KWSP for working people also increased. Not sure how to say, anyway it is something related to your parents and money la. The money they can get after they do not work anymore increased. In Kuching, there is also a KIA (Kuching International Airport) which is comparable to the KLIA airport. When you look down from the plane at night, the view is magnificient! Malaysia has been really different day by day. I am so proud to be a Malaysian. Lucky. =)

Picture Source:
The Eye on Malaysia just launched beginning of this year

I love myself, that is why I always camwhore ma. Not because I think I am pretty or what. I try to find which angle to take photo has a better effect. Love yourself too ya! I love my family, the most! Last night me with my sister spent some time to edit photos of us, and come out with these:

We are family!

So hard to get my grandma's photo. Everytime I want to take piture with her, she will avoid the camera and say, "don't take la, I am very old and ugly already, you take yourself". My mum also, she don't like us to take her pictures. Under this special occassion (Mothers Day),my father asked me to be the camera girl and take picture of my mum and grandma. Haha, only then I can take a proper picture of them. =D

Happy Us


Happy us Version 2
Eldest: Shirley
2nd: Stephanie
3rd: Vincent
Youngest: Susan

And also the banner on top of my blog is also created last night. Satisfying after all the works. =D My father also request me to save a copy of "We are family" picture in his pendrive. Then when he can see us whenever he is. (Must have computer la) =D

In conclusion, love yourself, love your family and friends! And everything around you! Peace. ^^v


saykhia said...

All look alike one bor! Can all just be twins ba! Hahaha...

Eric said...

how about friends leh?

shirley said...

if I m not wrong, u mean the 'four' sisters look alike? Thanks. I have always wish I can look like my mum. =D

friends not yet. Please wait patiently ar. U r very eager to see ur face ha? ^_^

LalaTing ;p said...

haha.. dun put his face.. haha.. kacau kacau him. haha.. make him kek tiok.. haha.. How come ar.. i nvr see stephanie le?? hmm...

'raiNy' said...

Waaahh...Shirley..u r the eldest one??First, i thought u r the youngest one oo...hahaha

shirley said...

haha, later eric feel hurt.
i m sure u saw her before. Stephanie usually got wear specs one, maybe u cannot relate the stephanie in the picture with the one u really see. =D
yaaahh... i am the eldest but shortest among them. I am da jie jie. =)