Sunday, June 24, 2007


Recently have been very 'zhi lian' again. (Zhi lian is not chicken face can!?)=P Have been very zhi lian and took many photos with my sis and Laura. This post can skip one. Haha.

"Pai(1) Lai(2) Pai(1) Qu(4) Dou(1) Shi(4) Yi(1) Yang(4) De(4)". This time I did not go around scare people liao. See, all the photos I upload in small version. If you want to see bigger version, just click on it. But it was not very clear, maybe my hand shake or what.

Yesterday don't know why Susan have the mood to play camera with me. All these we took in front of mirrors.

Err, this one looks funny.

My sister seems to be really angry ho? Scary her.

I like this one. So cute! =D

Got someone behind us, thats Vincent, our brother. We invited him to join us. But he replied us with "Siao Siao de".
This is also the photo which Susan is most satisfied with.

Looks so dumb la. Like those who have mental problems.

Halfway, my 2nd sister, Stephanie, joined our photos taking session. Hehe, 3 sisters' camwhore.

These photos I like very much!!! Happy times. =) More accurately, should be, I like my sisters! Love you all. ^_^

Then evening camwhore again. This time is camwhore through webcam. With Laura after haircut. She said she want to post something about webcam, so lets wait for her post then. I am not so satisfied with the photos though. =P


Eric said...

if you camwhore when you go shopping for new clothes, even better.. we get to see beautiful clothes also.. just like how this girl did it..

shirley said...

I did that together with Judieth before. But the clothes, *ahem* cannot show to everyone...

saykhia said...

What clothes cannot show to everyone?? HAHAHA!

Memang kuat camwhoring. Not bad lar. At least no nightmare-inducing MashiMaros liao =P

shirley said...

sleeping clothes... U say can show or not? =P
This time one sweet oh. Everytime watch will smile. =)

lau sik kia said...

wah hahahah... so many photo pose.... all just like crazy people oh... hahahha. you got how many brother and sisters oh?

susan said...

Shirley, ur sis name same as me oh... :p
well, u and ur sis have the same smile... cute cute smile :)
i like it. look so pretty and cute! :)

LalaTing ;p said...

aiya.. y u say it out.. aiyo... now they noe liao la... aiks aiks... luckily u din put my pic.. haha...

shirley said...

lau sik kia,
what la, say us crazy people. But true la, we are crazy. =P
I have 2 sisters n 1 brother. I m eldest. =)

at first I thought my sis wrote comment to me eh.
Hehe, is it? I thought we look like siao lang. Thanks oh. =)

noe also nevermind ma, so eager to see what u wan to post lar... Saw ur pic liao ma? Hope u r happy with it. =)