Sunday, June 17, 2007

Special Cheese Cake for my Special Daddy

Memorable day. This morning I baked a cake. Having no idea what to buy for our father, my cousin came up with this. (At first he suggested writing Happy Fathers day on a Pau for my father) Eating a cake make by his own daughter is more meaningful than anything else bought outside right? Right! Since everyone wants a cheese cake, I do lor. My first baked cake looks something like this:

If got icing to decorate sure more fun. Me and my sisters will have a good fight over the decorating job.

Before turning over the cake

Take a nearer look

Besides the cake, got Bak Zhang, Zhu Chang Fen, Pau etc... (Guess what happened to me?)

Erm, that is my mum's hand...

Took so many photos for the cheese cake, looks just the same, but feel like not taking enough. If my father feel happy for it, then all my efforts are worth.
Just now they said it taste quite ok. My father told his friend that I made the cake. Guess he is happy with it. Overall, I get a credit for my first master piece! Haha.
Some people do not know what to give their father to show their appreciation. Some is because they don't know what Fathers need. Some do not have money to buy present. And some think Fathers won't care about this day. Father's day not necessarily have to bake cheese cake for them. Fathers only need children's appreciation, that they worked so hard for the family, we know; and that he is happy to give us a happy life we desired, we are thankful; and of course knowing that we feel happy to have a special father like him, then that is enough. Of course Fathers won't care if you did not give him expensive presents, just remember to hug him and say, "Ba, Happy Father's Day". Wah, no need say liao.

p/s: Many thanks to my cousin, Chung Teck Seng for his contribution of idea. Or else this post also won't exist.


lau sik kia said...

Wa... i dont know you can bake... how ho.... if i want to become your ayah angkat. can ma? coz i also want get a cake like that big... yum yum.... make my sliver drop. hahahaha. just joking la.

shirley said...

lau sik kia,
joking only ha? I thought I got extra income liao. Haih. If got chance give u try lo. But i think no la. Haha.

Tiong yienG said...

ya....everything do by our own is the most it is good idea that u bake a cake... u make me so miss dad...haha..

~K@cW3y~ said...

ei how come the writing "happy fathers day" is written through computer one? did pump icing aa.. next time we all gather together and make cake la...we make fresh icing and we cover our whole cake with rich american chocolate...i become fatter le

lau sik kia said...

haiyo... i am too young o be father. bwa hahahah. anyway, good luck in your exams oh.

shirley said...

tiong yieng,
true true. Last time I always want to live far away from them. Now, I feel so lucky to live together with my parents. =)
ya, no icing is so sayang. My mum said no need buy, later cannot finish using the cream. So only can do through painting lo.
Good idea le. Must do extra large de the cake. All of us do and eat together. Wah, nice.
lau sik kia,
u become father ar? Later need ur son to take care of u. Haha.
Thanks oh.

Johnson said...

For me, i admire girls that can bake cake. Seriously. It takes time and patience. Pei Fu you man! Keep it up

shirley said...

i admire guys who can cook too! =P
Is that true? No wonder my mum can bake super delicious cakes. Still need to learn a lot from her.
Hehe, sure. =)