Friday, June 15, 2007

Tips To Slim Down

Final exam is getting nearer and nearer. We organised a study group, but I think it was not so effective for me. Managed to read few words only in that 4 hours. Maybe I was not in the mood... But don't worry for me friends, I am still doing fine at this moment.

I suffered a lot for these few days, as I was on diet. But now it is all over! Relieved + Extremely happy. I made up my mind that I will never ever follow whatever slimming course again. As long as I am confident, I will be considered a beauty. Haha! Want to read more? Recommend Jacq's blog.

Now I have the energy to study my books liao. Last few days were like a bit dizzy, cannot concentrate on my thinking.

Here, I will NOT recommend anyone to go on diet for to slim down. No use one. Once I relax myself ar, all the efforts gone. It will instead earn you more inches of meat. Do exercise is more effective and healthier. But of course cannot eat too much also.

Below are some tips for those who wants to slim down. Self motivation + Self control! Gambate~

First, control the foods you eat. Must be balanced and get all the nutrients needed in a day. Fruits and vegetables eat more, water drink more (it makes you full), meat amd rice eat less. Rice contains carbohydrate which will be transformed into fats. If you belongs to the group who doesn't need much energy for daily activities, then take less.

Eat at the same time everyday. Eg. 8.00a.m. eat breakfast everyday. Cannot one day eat at 6.30am, the next day eat at 9.15am. The amount also should be more or less the same. Must be consistent.
One principle can be followed is, eat well for breakfast(nutritious), eat lots for lunch, eat less for dinner.
Nibble your foods instead of gobbling them. This will help you to digest and feel full faster. Also remember to drink enough water, at least 2 litres per day.

Exercise! This cannot be left out. If you only eat less and did not do exercise, the meat will become loose loose one. And when you did not notice, the meat will grow back in an unbelievable speed! Over 30 minutes is ok for one day. Doing Yoga, jogging, swimming are all some good choices.

To maintain your weight is more difficult than to slim down. Make sure you can resist the foods attraction. Especially when there are many friends like Aldrin and Jacq around you. Keep yourself busy doing other things then foods won't pop up on your mind so often.
If can find friends to do together better. Able to compete, compare, and encourage each other.

To be more systematic, set a target for what you want to achieve. For example, 3kg for one month. Then do a report for your daily intake, activities, and weight(Easier for analysis, can correct your diet). Look at those pretty girls and determine that one day you will be like them also. Self motivation bah. Hope that those photos motivated you. =)

Anyway, health is more important than anything. Want to slim down also must consider your methods carefully whether it affects your health. It will be too high the price to exchange health with nice body figure.

Good luck!


saykhia said...

Hail! The slimming sifu has spoken~! Hahaha..

Apa la say me make it difficult for people to resist food attraction =P

shirley said...

well, dun say like that lar. What I did is to collect informations and combine with my opinions only.
Dun deny hor, an offer to KFC is truly irresistible weh. =P

Eric said...

phewitt!! so many suichabo pics.. anyway, on your food control part, i got something to say.. when you eat more, you digestive system will become more efficient.. you food will be digested faster.. and i personally disagree on the saying "the more you eat, the fatter you get"..

10LilyN said...

For better digestion, drink some fruit vinegar or hot water after meal. Then, take a walk for half an hour or dun sit down after meal.
Recently, Taiwanese popular slimming practise are wearing (slimming shirt) and 泡澡. Or u want to lose 7kg in 3 weeks try to drink red wine and cheese before u sleep.
D less u eat won't gurantee that u'll b getting slimmer. U've 2 concern with the calories stuff.
U can try to change ur eating habit. Avoid oily and spicy food.

shirley said...

this is ur personal experience ha? Why still look so skinny? =P
For some ppl, yes. But to slim down, sure need to eat less one. Maybe after slimming down can slowly maintain like that la.

*clap* *clap* *clap*
This is called professional!
Wow, I think I will be interested in that drinking red wine & cheese one.
Hope that here also got those things ho? Taiwan so good.

Thanks for ur sharing ya. Lately have been observing myself whether I am gaining back the weight or not. Hopefully it will remain stable. =)

Tiong yienG said...

after see the pic...i think i also wan to be silm haha...jia you oooo

candyclarie said...

Shirley shirley.. Before that, thanks for promoting my blog. Hehe.

Shirley shirley, you have slim down already. Actually u just have to maintain it.
Enjoy those yummy food while u are young. Just eat less. That will do.
Dont starve urself.
You have my support even tough i will "kacau" u with food. =P

RyanL said...

i need slim up o.o

shirley said...

Ah Yieng,
i will support u too, because u supported me! =) Anyway, now u look meat meat de, very sui n cute d.

hehe, thanks. The on diet course is over d. I have decided to enjoy liao. =D

o.O U need meh? I think u need to grow meat only lar.

Anonymous said...

i think the best method is nt to rush into a diet. just reduce calorie intake. and do so consistently. as long as ur calorie intake is less than what u burn, u will surely lose wight. that means exercise. this is a much better way cos most ppl gain back their weight or even put on more weight after their diet =)

shirley said...

yaya, u r too right. Very chun. I m 200 pound now. swt =_='''