Tuesday, July 31, 2007

As soon as I flipped open the exam paper, I felt the eagerness to do the questions, hoping the reading time can be shorten. I was so happy that 3 questions from final came out exactly the same! I told my mum that I have the confidence to pass this time. Then she threatened me, " if you cannot pass this time ar, you can stop studying and come to help me work liao". Haha, sorry mama, I think I cannot help you liao oh.

Just now before the exam starts, Miss Edith te4 di4 come to inform us that the exam is not really hard, and it was not too different from the final's copy. Hint? I feel that she is giving us a bit of encouragement. Although she is very strict and not being considerate during the past few months of time spended together, I still like her. Don't know why, when I see her, I feel her kindness and friendliness. She is not bad at all lar...

I always take everything for granted in my life until I failed this subject. That was a nightmare! Cannot blame anyone else. Maybe it was because of this opportunity to resit has taught me to appreciate my study life. In these few days I really put in all my effort. Surprisingly, I found myself absorbing more than what I normally could. Not to say that I did not study for my final, I read and read, but those things cannot go into my head. Terrible.

My father was right, I did not try my best. Thinking too high on myself already. Actually if my father had not scold me, I would not have the motivation to study as hard as I could now. He put some stress on me and I feel it. That is what push me to study. Sometimes a little bit of stress is useful to make someone move further, don't you agree?

This time I have tried my best. Others I left it to luck lor. If I fail again I will not regret also.

Lesson of the day: You cannot get anything without hardwork.


Johnson said...

there's one saying, " A man reaps what he sows." you have worked hard for it, surely God will nest you with goo result. No worries! Take care pal !

shirley said...

u r a sincere fren. Thanks for the support. =)

~Laura~ said...

"You cannot get anything without hardwork. "
true oso... hmmm... so u noe how to do the test la??? how come u din write my name dere.. haha... lol... jk

Tiong yienG said...

so great to hear that...see u study hard then can do it...hohoho...

lau sik kia said...

hard work is important.... stress is also part of studying.... you need it to keep up your studying standards... people always say.... success is a ladder that you cannot climb with hands in your pocket. but you sure will be able to do well.... success starts with determination. Wish you luck in your studies.

MedicBoyz said...

shirley, i believe you can make it.
it all boils down to hard work and a bit a luck factor.

if later pass, remember to share the joy with us,k?

shirley said...

ya, I think Miss Edith have tried to help us pass. I finished the whole paper eh. Although I cannot answer one question, I also filled in 2 paragraphs of words. Haha.
N ho, why need to write ur name there le? =P

tiong yieng,
hehe, thanks. I am very happy that I can realise this earlier.

lau sik kia,
haha, i did not put my hands in my pocket. =P I will keep up to my standards. Hopefully this sem can do better lor. Make my father proud of me.

I am posting this in my next post. Thanks. That's encouraging. =)

~Laura~ said...
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