Monday, July 23, 2007

An Eventful Day

Yesterday, I have been my mum's only daughter for one whole day. =D

My mum and I went swimming in the morning and brought along Pei Ing (my cousin) and Elizabeth (my mum's friend). My brother and sisters are very lazy, they don't want to go swimming after so long time didn't go. Even goggles also they cannot find where they put. My goggles also no where to be found, I have to borrow from them, who knows they also lost theirs. That morning I have to swim without goggles.

The water was very cold, we had to keep our body warm by swimming non-stop. Elizabeth never learnt proper swimming method before, yet she can swim quite well. At least she is willing to learn, and seek advice from others. Although I am much younger than her, she did not feel 'no face' to ask me. And she also share a lot of information on proper diet with us all. She is a 30++ years old lady and she wants to have slim body also. She told me that proper meal is very important, and combine with regular exercise, we sure can slim down. So, we learnt something from each other.

After having a yummy breakfast, we went to Matang Jaya to have a look around that area so that today we can find the way. We visited the 'oepning soon' Sugarbun. We give suggestions here and there. But most of the time we are busy admiring the surroundings there, interesting discovery of the operation system inside a fast fod restaurant. Actually it is a bigger kitchen with all the advanced technological cooking tools. This Sugarbun restaurant is different from all the others in Kuching. Of course much better than them la. I will blog about it tonight if I am free.

Then we headed to condominium there to clean up the place. The unit was rent to 2 china girls before this. Many furnitures were spoilt. They also left many things there. We have a hard time tidying the place. No wonder everytime landlords have to be very strict to those who rent their house. If they did not do so, they are the ones who face troubles. Sometimes they also have no choice. If all the us can be more considerate, then we can also get more privilege from people.

We then went to the town to shop for an artistic picture to give to my auntie for the opening of her fast food restaurant. A pretty picture will sure add some marks to the already-very-nice atmosphere. However, we did not see any satisfying artwork which is suitable enough for the purpose. No choice lo, have to change our present to flowers lor. Everyone gives flowers during opening ceremony of a shop, a picture will appear more meaningful than that.

Yesterday is my big uncle's birthday. We wanted to celebrate his birthday for him. As big uncle was at the shop, we bought some pizzas, fried chicken and a CAkE over to share with all the workers. Only til then we had our lunch eh! It was 4 o clock and we eat until 5. Haha. That night I did not eat dinner. I like to celebrate people's birthday. Therefore 5 of us (vincent, susan, me and cousins) went to play badminton that night.

Wahlau, so siaw ar 3 of us (Pei ing, susan n me). We are playing golf instead of badminton. Haha. We are so lazy that none of us want to 'open ball'. Then we play golf using racquet and shuttlecock. I think everyone thinks that we are abnormal that time. Only played for an hour nia then went home liao. =(

Last night my mum worked until 2 o clock. I also stay up late with her. I watch TV she do work. Scared later she is alone, the program is also very interesting, not sleepy yet, these are the reasons why I stay up late. The drama I watched are "Jiu(3) Dian(4) Feng(1) Yun(2)" and "Yi(4) Lian(2) You(1) Meng(4)" on Hunan Weishi (channel 168). Tonight going to watch again. =D

Being my mum's only daughter was very happy. I used to be alone and my parents' "anak emas". Hmm, so nice.

p/s: I have panda eyes this morning. o_o


LalaTing ;p said...

like dis la.. ask u play badminton wif us dun want... tao yan!!! huh!

shirley said...

haha. =P