Saturday, July 07, 2007

Gangsters! (Also Named: Bollywood Acting)

Ku tatap gambar wajahmu
Sinar mata itu
Lirik senyumanmu
Pesona yang membelai
Wajahmu bercahaya
Memberi bahagia
Tiap yang memandang
Hati jadi salju

Kau terlalu istimewa
Kasih dan sayangmu terpancar
Tiada batasan terus membara
Terkilan rasa jiwa
Inginku lihatmu dewasa
Apa daya
Tuhan lebih menyayangimu

Ku pasti kau berbahagia
Duduk di sampingnya
Mendengar cerita
Segala rahsia
Tak tertanggung rindu
Mendengar suaramu
Tawa mengusik jiwa


While surfing on the Internet, I found this video
Then this video led me to this blog. There was a person kindly clarify everything about the incident.

It was really scary isn't it? Even if I watched it before and watch again, I could feel the anger and strong pity to the girls. I did not know that bullying cases are so common in East Malaysia until yesterday. I found another video in the afternoon, it is about Sibu Methodist's boys fight. My school le! My junior behave like this?

Three bullies(boy) imitate the way Miri girls did. They even force that poor boy to eat the cigarette butt. I think they are doing this just for fun. Never expect that they will get into trouble. At the opening of the video, I heard the director of the video give instructions to one of the bullies, say can throw the cigarette to the face of the victim. He should also be responsible for this lar, but why only 3 bullies were called to the police station?

Three of them kept warning the victim to not get them into trouble. If they are so afraid to let people know, why record the whole process? They want to show to others how 'hiong' they are, is it? But, to compare with the Miri's girl fight, this is still nothing la. Girls are more scary indeed. (My brother after that told me there was a video even more scary, the girls fight until tear of another girl's shirt! I did not watch la, he said that his friends showed him one.)

Now Methodist's image sure drop until cham cham liao. *sigh*

I seriously hope that my friends will not involve in these kind of activities. Don't let your parents have to worry about you every second. Live a meaninful life. This is not a good way of expressing your anger or depression! I recommend a way which is safer, that is, shout out loudly in the pillow. Ya, this really helps a lot! =)

Then this video, from After watching this video, I baru find Kenny Sia is really very funny. Haha.


Eric said...

why that victim don't fight back..? haih..

Tiong yienG said...

haha...our school haha....always like that le...haha...

shirley said...

erm, thats why they bully him like that ma. The bullies were sure that he wun fight back one.

tiong yieng,
I noe our school got many pai kia, but dunno they go n bully ppl like this. So teruk them.
why u 'haha' so many times? haha.

tiDus88 said...

Eric: if u get surrounded by 3 stupid boys you also will be like him.

Shirley : add my msn :

Chen: That three Ah Beng only will bark loud loud when they are in group. when they are alone they will kuai kuai be like dog. next time when you meet this situation, please... If you know that you will get beaten up, Just kick their BALLS man... dont afraid. =) I saw 1 at Sabah, Dota Lose then beat up one of the opponent... 4 on 1... sigh...

tiDus88 said...

But ah.. sometime... some alone one can be very bad also oo.. lol... see la... if the size kurus kurus one, can la... big big one... better settle... lol

Johnson said...

haha... the video, erm... in my viewpoint i think they are acting, cas if you noticed the video man owas shake his video lens, to make sure it looks more real, probobly after they "fight" they go kopitiam makan kampua mee... haha..

This case in my ex school very common de. Even in other schools too. Students nowadays wana feel "cool" but they neglected the "thinking" part. Real gangsters behave well. Macam Undertaker and john cena.. OPpsss

**read my blog yea.

shirley said...

add liao.
Dota lose also need to beat ppl up meh? So unreasonable! Dota not good, thats why.
Ya, if alone is more dangerous, easier to be bullied. Like the boy in the video. Everyone must at least have one or two friends ma. When got any trouble also can find help from them right? =D

shirley said...

i agree. But that victim looks not like acting. Like "guai(1) guai(1)" get bullied.
Ehem, ur ex school is also my ex school. Haha. But I never saw before. All very hardworking and excellent students.

bhamophet said...

eh my frens in video?
lol kd~ aiya...if they take video fight least if one of them fall sure they dun dare show dis video to their fren one..siao soi...but giving advice here useless ah..hey chen that bully look familiar same for the dota bully one.

tiDus88 said...

the one wear specs one... sooo alike... FUK HIM LA... look like nerd still want to fight...

saykhia said...

When I was in primary school, I ever saw a gangfight in my school. Complete with metal chairs, spraying blood and people masuk hospital. That was many years ago, when St. Thomas was still a gangster school. Hahaha!

The Kennysia one was cool. Check out the fake toy hammer. Hahaha.

lau sik kia said...

ouyo.... fighting in school is so stupid la.... just like small kids... posting the video is even more stupid..... can make the police track and catch them..... and the girls.... i got nothing to say oh... but i think bullying is bad and I HATE IT A LOT. People should learn to fight back against bullies to stop them (bullies) from thinking they are superior above all.

shirley said...

u give advice at kenny sia's blog then it will be useful. =D

calm down calm down.

wah, primary school ar? Scary... Luckily u did not become like that. Ur principal is a capable man.

yalor yalor, if everyone thinks this way, then bully won't exist anymore. =D But if he fight back he will also be arrested liao lor.

RyanL said...

haha... kenny sia imitating the miri's girl fight?

wait.. i never see the miri girl fight before..
can tell me where to find the video?

Ryiano said...

i found liao!

ezra said...

Lol. Kick balls? Maybe you can kick 4 balls, but if that 4 kick ur balls? hahahaha. cannot imagine... I think the best way if you are outnumbered is run away first. than call for back up later

10LilyN said...

Everyone in my office thr r so interested with the fighting. Can i noe the source of this video clip? I was told tat this incident happened in Rejang Park and the black shirt guy has been dropped out from sku. Besides, Sacred Heart's principal was called to the police station but i dunno what was actually happening.

shirley said...

haha =.='''
What la, back up. Find police is it? =P

i saw it from other people's blog also. U can get the code on the menu there, click the "embed clip" and get the code.
It was said that the victim accidentally pushed the white jacket guy, made him very 'beh song', so he brought his friends to 'xiu li' the victim lor. I also heard a bit only.