Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Go Market and Gardening

A summary of my weekend.

Yesterday I went to the market ALONE. The night before, I prepared a note jotting down all the things that I wanted to buy. In the morning I also remembered to bring it. But I have already memorised all the items that I don't need to refer anymore. =D
A very cool and breezy morning. I was as if at the street of Japan! Really lar. Try waking up early these days to enjoy this feeling. My mum dropped me off by the roadside while bringing my siblings to SMK Green Road. The road is very big and broad. When I saw that one lane got no car, I crossed that lane and suddenly a car drove towards the lane I was standing! Ngaitee, I don't know what to do and just quickly ran over to the other side without looking left and right. After that, I was totally awake!(At first still got bubbles popping out from my head)
I went to the market near 3rd Mile there. Although it is not as smelly as the market in Tabuan Jaya, it is still smelly. Especially fish stall there. I only carry the plastic bag which contains a fish, and the whole day I smell fishy. Argh!
And I know a new friend there. =) I looked left and right but I could not find the stall which sells pork. Then I asked a lady where it is. She pointed to the wall and told me it was behind that wall. Then my mum came liao. At pork stall there, I saw that helpful lady again, and she smile to me. I guess we are friends already. =)


These weeks my dad did not play mahjong. He used to play almost every night if he is in Kuching. Recently he is just so busy doing gardening and planning for the house renovation. Like that good also, he looks slimmer then. =) My mum also don't know what happened, immediately after work she went to the backyard and start "clearing the wild grass".
Since both of them are so hardworking, four of us are also called to contribute something. Haha. We spent whole evening together to beautify our home(exterior). Curious about what we have done? Moving rocks, collecting stones, open burning, and others. I was not encouraging open burning la, personally think it is a harmful act to the environment. But, I think my dad don't care that much. Anyway, he planted many trees to help improve already. =)
The weather was not helping us. Once the fire was started, rain drops started to fall. There, we called it a day. Not tiring at all, I only collect stones. Haha. My grandma voluntarily move the rocks le, that was tiring and she is that age! She is helpful. All of us did a little part and the work was perfectly done. This is called power of unity. Looking forward to next Sunday. We can work together again. Haha.


Is 070707, occured once in 1000 years. Just like any other normal day. I burnt the hair on my hand. Haha. Got that smell of a barbequed fish, and the hair become very short. Haha. I took a photo for remembrance, but cannot see anything... Special day ha!


MedicBoyz said...

hi. nice weekend u have there.
well, the 070707 happens every 100 years.
next 070707 will be 7/7/2107. :o)

shirley said...

yaho, haha.
Ok, thanks. =)

lau sik kia said...

wah lau eh... you say something about fire.... so you got do open burning at home ho.... hmmm.... that is polluting the air. eng eng liao.... ekekekeke.... 070707 is a nice date oh... but i receive a msg from my friend say forward the msg to 70707 people or get bad luck... but i didnt send it. just forward it to some people to scare them also. ahahhahaha.

shirley said...

Yalor, open burning is polluting the air. But no choice ar... So many unwanted things. The La(1) Ji(1) Che(1) also only come twice a week to collect rubbish.
Haha, next time dun let DiGi earn so much. =P

Ringo said...

You just kena-ed cheesed! Muahaha.

Reference: I memed you

LalaTing ;p said...

haha.. is fren ar?? not aunt ar>>?? haha.. =P

shirley said...

"thanks" for the tag ya! =P

er, aunt can also become fren ma. today make fren with another aunt again, at park there. haha.