Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I Am Progressing

Ok, I decided to wake up liao. The inner me has called to me.

Inner me, "Cannot be so lazy liao, Do something great! Do something useful!"

Me, *think *think hard

Inner me, "see, this morning baba just scolded you for still not getting the driving license. You don’t feel ashamed de meh?"

Me, *nod *nod "strongly agree"

Inner me, "Hmm, I know that you are studying law these few days, although just finished 2 sets of ujian, but at least u start liao ma. He don’t know anything, cannot blame him k?" *smile

Me, *tears "thanks for so understanding me, I really feel ashamed for procrastinating this task until now"

Inner me, "don’t cry la. Do your ujian now"


I am going to do my ujian liao, bye~


Eric said...

the driving law is just like sejarah.. have to hafal.. then, add oil yea.. if dont want add oil, then give me the oil.. i save petrol money.. =D

shirley said...

thanks for ur oil ya. Cannot take back! I need it. =P

saykhia said...

Got the little book with the 500 soalan or something like that. If you can do all the questions there, or at least just remember their answers, then the test will be sap sap water for you liao. 'Cos the test questions all come from that book.

saykhia said...

Btw, all the best aa!

shirley said...

yo, I got disc! Shi fu said I must pass all the ujian in the disc then only can go sit for the test. Yesterday I did one ujian n got 78 only.
But, I will jia you de... =)

candyclarie said...

Just read read read and memorise the answers. Jia you shirley. U can do it! Aaaja. =P

shirley said...

ya, read read read n memorise. Thats what I dun like lor.
Thanks for so having faith in me. =P