Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Life of a Housewife

DBSK's Loving You
Nice Korean song!

The more I stay at home, the more I feel myself like a housewife. Erm, cook for my family, sweep the floor, find one place to tidy up everyday, watching TV... See, really all are housewife's daily routine ho?

I touched a black lizard!(ALIVE!!!) Few days ago, I was going to wash the rice cooker. When I took out the leftover rice and wanted to throw it away, I saw that cicak in my hands, thinking that it was a dried leaf. Suddenly it jumped down to the sink, then only I know its a lizard. I screamed like the whole neighbourhood can hear ar! Nothing more geli than this liao ho! My grandma ran in to see what happened. Haha.

I always thought that I am very brave. When my mum told me that she is not scared of anything, except lizards, I even laughed at her and said, what is so scary about lizards? Haha. She told me it dropped to her head once, and the feeling is cold cold de, since then she starts to scared of lizards liao. U ask me what I feel of touching the lizard, I also don't know, I cannot feel anything that time. =D

As a responsible housewife, I also think hard what to cook everyday so that those fussy people can finish all the dishes I cooked. Now I can cook more, better dishes already... They also said I improved. =D When I am not doing anything, I will think what to cook. =.=''' Last time I mentioned that I burnt the hair on my hands right? I got burnt again, thrice in 2 days. Hope they all got burnt and never grow out again. Haha.

Everyday I sleep at 9 or 10, wake up at 6. Then go jogging. Come back prepare breakfast, eat and watch TV or read blogs or newspaper. Then cook lunch, do some housework or laze around. Sometimes talk with Laura on phone. After dinner, watch TV again. Life is just so simple. Now relax relax relax... When school opens sure very busy liao...

Holiday is almost over, this thought makes me feel happier. Results will be out soon, this makes me nervous... All the best to me.


LalaTing ;p said...

ahem.. last time i say dbsk song nice, wad u comment ar?? *cough cough.. and now u say is nice.. ahem.. haha.. i oso ever experienced that.. - stupid lizard walked pass my leg some more.. Haha.. ewww... geli ar.. haha.. Wah.. say urself responsible housewife oh... haha.. nasib sama ho.. haih..

shirley said...

aiyo, next time i will not simply say liao lar... DBSK nice. Haha.
Both of us same responsible le, right? =)