Sunday, July 01, 2007

Memory Test

One week holiday passed. Have been very generous in spending my time for nothing. I sleep for long hours, eat, surf the Internet, eat, take nap, then eat again, then online, watch Hana Kimi. What is this life? But really when I am back to schooling I cannot relax like this liao eh... We studied to get a good result, get a good job, earn big money, buy good things. What do we want afterall, it is just enjoy our life like this. Er, so "duo luo" my mind... *sigh*

I have many plans for this holiday at first. Yesterday I planned to have a haircut at somewhere near my house. I went there with my brother. Both of us sat there and wait for our turn but in the end only he had his haircut. The barbers thought that I was accompanying my brother only. Haha. Coz I sat there quietly ma. I read a hair magazine, make my eyes opened. I like Japanese magazine, from cute to mature, their trend is always appealing. Not like those which is too outstanding or alien type, very hard to accept la.
The "outstanding" I mean here is something like this:

Suddenly I decided not to cut my hair. One's hair can have many variations of styles, even if you don't cut your hair so often. Must be fun being a hairstylist. In short, I did not have hair cut. =D

I also tried a memory test on bbc website, wanted to know whether I am really so forgetful or not. Also nothing to do ma, can try to explore more about yourself. The website:
My result:

It is better to have another person's result to compare with. The test is quite tough, I only do half of the questions(If you wrong more than two questions in a section, they will let you skip to the next section). Nevermind lah, at least I know something about my brain.

I am bored...


candyclarie said...

Bored at home? WAtch korean drama.. bake more cakes.. pizza.. =P

shirley said...

I m so frustrated with Youtube!!! I open many tabs and let the video finish loading first then only go n watch. In the end they all closed before I watch 1/10!
Special event only bake cakes. =P

Eric said...

wah.. shirley.. next time no need to use camera to take photo of your screen.. there's a way to do it..

shirley said...

do u mean print screen? Actually I already noe how to use liao. But forgot to use at that moment.

levian said...

woa !!
that hair was awesome !! haha ..
definitely a "bleach" generation .. :P

shirley said...

er, awesome? Do u mean positive or negative?