Friday, August 10, 2007

5 complaints

Zhi Wei, see I got do your tag oh! Recently this tagging thing has been flooding my blog lar, done so many tags already. On average I did 1 tag by 2 post. Short of things to write is it? Maybe...

Blank blank blank

The thing is, I do not have an ambition. So troublesome to think. Dreams got plenty lar. Er, be a successful accountant? I want to become a doctor can or not ha? XD

In this stage, I just hope to achieve good results for my Degree courses lo. The highest achievement—All HD’s! Haha, Please don’t laugh at me. It is good to have a dream too right? Like the Chinese proverb says, Yi Bu Zhuo, Er Bu Xiu. Once you start to do something, do it to the best. =)

Get from my parents only. I haven’t earn my own money yet, Does the Nuffnang income counts? I haven’t received the cheque though.

Time = GOLD!
Time is the most important thing in our life. Now satisfied with what I can do with it. In the past I have wasted quite a lot. Now thinking of how to fully utilize it. X_X

No complains...
Does this explains everything?

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