Sunday, August 05, 2007

8 Random Facts about Me

Was tagged by Kit this time...

Fact 1,
I love foods! I like everything related to foods, the favourite are cooking and eating. I feel happy if my foods are enjoyed by others and I enjoyed other people's food too.

Fact 2,
I like to stay at home more than going out, for this stage lar... Looks like old people rather than a teenager. By the way, I am 19 now, my teenage years almost finished lorr. I like to do anything in my home. It is comfortable, with all the familiar furnitures, and my family. Maybe I have not realise my social needs and am now trying to fulfill my safety needs. Haha. (Please refer to the Marketing textbook, Maslow Hierarchy)

Fact 3,
I am always forgetful. For example, hand phones. I tend to forget where I put my belongings. Last Saturday, I forgot where I left my hand phone. Until next morning only I realise because I did not hear the usual alarm ringti=one of my phone. But luckily now I found it liao. My cousin hid it.

Fact 4,
I don't like computer. It makes me feel dizzy. But whenever I started to use it, I will stay in front of the pc whole day. Like sometimes I only wanted to check my mail, but ended up writing comments in Friendster, playing Neopets, chatting non stop in messenger, and writing blog. I have been trying hard to change this bad habit but in vain. So, I dislike it but I still use it a lot.

Fact 5,
I have confidence when I am alone. But when I walk out, I feel that I am so small and everyone is better than me. Like when I am at home, I admire myself in the mirror and take photos when I am free; at outside, sometimes I think I am too ugly... So strange. (Maybe this makes me like to stay at home more. hehe)

Fact 6,
I only went to the cinema 3 times in my life. First time with family, watched a Hong Kong comedy by Chow Seng Chee. 2nd time with my Green Road friends, forgot the name, the movie is about a haunted forest. 3rd time with Laura them, Pirates of Carribean 2.

Fact 7,
I am easily frightened by sudden movements. People suddenly appear of me when I was thinking of something will give me a jump. But when they purposely frighten me, I will know and will not scare.

Fact 8,
I love Chinese! Proud to be born as a Chinese, to be Chinese-educated and to look like a Chinese. Just that I am now studing in an everything-in-English school, that I must improve on my English. I have the feeling that after I graduate, Chinese will be no longer important for me anymore. How sad it is...


lau sik kia said...

Fact 2... staying at home doesnt make you look old.... i stay at home too.... i think i am young... ekekekekekekke.... Fact 4 , i see you got addicted to neopets liao... hahahah... ouya... been in front of computer too much is no good oh... got free radicals.... About fact 5... everybody feels like that oh... just have confidence in yourself and believe! Fact 6.... i am not a regular cinema goer... only 5 times... but i can advice you oh... it is a waste of money.... Fact8... YEAH.... NOT TO SAY I RACIST... BUT I LIKE YOUR THIS PART THE BEST.....BEING A CHINESE!!!!!

shirley said...

Ya, Chinese is our root of language. I think this is not considered racism lar.
Haha, thanks a lot ya! =)