Thursday, August 09, 2007

Every Minute, Every Second, Everyone is Changing

My sore throat makes my voice so coarse, like some boy’s sound. Maybe tomorrow I will not be singing choir. Just now on the phone, my dad thought that I were my brother. Haha.

Many things had happened since last week.
I resit for my exam (Marketing Concept) and passed it. My dad scolded me seriously twice (for the result and the dishes I cooked). We sisters quarrelled and made up again.

School starts and new subject seems challenging (*difficult). Our FIS (Financial Information System) is well known for its 20% passing rate. But I still have 50% chance to pass la. @_@ Must put in 500% effort to excel in every subjects! Jia you~

Choir Club has been restructured. For Yoga Club, we went through meetings and Orientation Day and more will be coming up. Fellow junkers had practice hard and surprised everyone with their outstanding performance.

!!! Everyone must go and visit JOHNSON’S blog! Watch Swinburne’s Anime Club and Choir Club forming a contingent in the Kuching City Parade. !!!

My state of mind has also undergone different changes. In the beginning, I felt regret of my past attitude toward studies, now I have the confidence to turn over a new leaf. To put it more accurately, I was utterly disappointed at my performance in the final exam; then relieved for passing my resit exam; and feel full of hope to start my new semester. I feel myself now in a different phase of life. I am predicting a significant change in my year of 19.

To my dear friends, please do not feel angry and disappointed anymore, let your fighting spirit arise! We will succeed in everything as long as we really worked for it. Cheers!

Oh ya, show you all the proof of my passed exam:

Haha, please remind me not to repeat the same mistake anymore...

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