Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Epicus- Creating our Legend

I learnt a new Latin phrase recently, "Dum Spiro Spero". it means while I am breathing, I hope. Ya, right. We should always have hope no matter what! The guest speaker really present us good speeches.
There are some quotes from them, which I find very useful. Share with u all here.

From Mr. Teo Beng Hock

  • Start building ur resume now! (We always create fantasy resume in job seeking process. If we want all those we want to write to be true, we must start creating it now)
  • What is the proudest moment in ur life?
  • If u fail to prepare, u prepare to be failed.

From Mr. "Head"(paiseh dunno his name, u can see his pic down here),

  • Expand life, not changing forms only.
  • U must always PLAN for ur future! (This is our last stage before going to work, 20 years oredi passed, this is the last chance for us to gain knowledge n skills. Gain more experiences, n qualification.)

That day guest lecturer from ACCA gave away 3 t-shirts to students who gave the right answer. Ah Yieng managed to raise her hand first. But failed to get correct answer. Its interesting Q & A session. Haha. Din't managed to get the nice t-shirt. So 'ke si'...

Havent start the speech, take photo first. =)

Same la, just change place only.

During game, also got many funny things happened. When I tried to kidnap Ah Yieng to my group, ngaittee... So very difficult ar the process... I even got scratched by one of her teammates. =.=''' Haha, but that girl also fell down la. Kesian us two, rebut over Ah Yieng. Haha.

Then also got dress up our models using newspaper. Our group is Malay costume. Tada!!!

Thanks for letting us dress up. Haha. U two r the most special pair on the spot liao. ^^

The food we eat during tea break.

See, the lecturers' food got bihun de. XD

Got hardworking people taking down notes.

Our lunch. All having same foods, fair mah. Taste not bad le.

Ah Yieng & Yuli

Start to divide ourselves into groups for coming games.

The winners can get the prizes! That is Aurelia, being the photographer of the event.

Jeffrey, he brought along binoculars to bio what???

Bio me! Haha.

Lip Weoi le?

Also got people sms-ing. Of course got people like me taking photos and talking there.

Our cute Ah Yieng

Erm, me lo.

Oh Ya, this is one of the games we played. Transferring rubber bands using toothpick. Testing our team work. But its rather shy for some of us at first to have so close contact with others. Our group have done a good job!

Miss Ooi

Mr "Head". Forgot to ask for his name. He is a wonderful person.

Mr Teo Beng Hock, from Ernst & Young. Also delivered an unforgettable speech.

In our long long journey... We took these photos...
Miss Rabbit with her cute pose... Hehe

Me, Lip Woei, Jeffrey n Ah Yieng in the bus

Back view. Haha

We got the same shoes, four stripes. Hehe. Lik Ching, Ah Yieng, and me.

Me n Ah Yieng again.

This Ah Ma can guess the vege's exact weight just using her hands oo. She also said very confidently that she never make any mistake for many years.

Pretty committee, Doris. I think she looks like the Taiwan artist, "大S" very much!

What do you think this looks like?

Scrub the handle, the water will dance! Seriously!

We did not forget to take picture with the person who collect our quiz paper.

This is kebab, they r toasting the bread. Got beef n chicken to choose. This is the first time I eat kebab eh. They always say very nice very nice, I never eat before. Although it may not be the most famous kebab in Kuching, I oredi noe its taste liao. Yay!

The tour guide, taking picture all along the trip. Looks so professional.

This fish is very big! bigger than my whole leg ar! Took this when we passed by the market. I hate the smell. Nearly vomit ar. =X

Can u guess how heavy it is just by lifting it???

Looks like real one right? Nice!

The Yang Qin, in pink! Pretty le. Took in Chinese Museum.

Chinese Museum exterior view.

Where we start our game
Wa, normally where got so many people surrounding this de? Busy copying the information needed.
So hot la the weather. All of us are like roasted chicken in the oven.

Bollywood cafe eh. All the stalls inside are managed by Indian people.

A nice cafe, got many sweet bread n pastries, cheesy things. Hmmm... Still got place to sit properly n eat inside. A must visit!

Everyone waiting eagerly for the result to come out.

Sambil listening to the interesting stories the tour guide told us.

This is the tour guide lo. He is Mr Ling Kuok Dong's employee. Shared with us many thought provoking & encouraging stories.

Building not finished building yet.

After all the obstacles, we finally made it! *wipe away sweat*. What a day!

Very lucky that day Aurelia & Wei Ling also there. They left Swinburne for quite a while already.

For those who dint go, really missed out a lot lo. No choice lo, coz the place only got 120 nia, not enough. More activities like this can upgrade us. We should join more often. =)


Tiong yienG said...

wah...reli enjoy that day even though very tired haha...
when think back the kidnap game it reli funny haha...
anyway hope can join again next time with u...
have a nice day :)

Eric said...

I thought photos only?

shirley said...

Ya, really tiring ho? I ter-slept on the sofa when first arrive home ar. can u imagine? =P then after half hr wake up msg u. Haha.
Hope ACCA sponsor more activities like this lo.

Wei wei, eric, u very 'qian bian' eh. but i will be careful next time.