Monday, April 28, 2008

WS Opening & Driving Test

The photo in newspaper dun have my face! Lolz. Of course la, I am not someone important ma, they put the one take with Boulevard manager de. Nvm, here i publish my own version. =P

This picture I think their smiles look so happy, everyone should smile so sweet like them. Hehe.

Aiyo, this Uncle Yumin closed his eyes. But Aunt Wang Chen smile very nice. From the left to right is, Wang Chen's mum, my dad, Yumin's mum, Yumin, and Wang Chen. Someone thought that Wang Chen is a guy's name. =_=''' Haha, she is a pretty lady! I admire her very much, she will strive for the best if she wants to achieve something. I think she can succeed in her career and is different from others, just because of this character. We as audience can never understand how much they have gone through for what they are now. Like everytime watching a match, we hurray for their victory, sigh or scolding them if they lose. They have contributed much more effort than what we can imagine. U noe? U noe???? Actually I also dunno la. Haha.

Sometimes, I feel like I am really lucky to be born as "ME". Really. I can learn many from Wang Chen and Yumin. One thing worth to be mentioned is, they both comes from an athlete family! They matched so much right??? ^^

Oh ya, I passed my driving test liao!!! I cant help but repeating over and over again to my friends and family. This is so damn nice larr! I am so scared that I cant do it, but everyone is so encouraging and supporting me. U guys really gave me lots of confidence lar! Especially the messages this morning. =D Thinking of exam makes me kintio only. Malaysia should change this kind of education system la!!! Hmm... Many thanks to my si fu, Chew Ho Beng also. Before I took the test he brought me revise the Laluan C (which is the road I will be tested) again and told me what I should take note of. The examiner also very lenient and nice too! He sensed that I was nervous and asked me to relax as he is there, showing me the brake. Haha. Then when got car potong mine he help me hon them. I think I am way too lucky this time. Waiting to get my license lu!!! Ok, this post is a summary of what I am busy for these few days.

Good luck to all those who are having their big and small testss, assignmentsssss, and other things lar. I still got 3 assignments waiting to be handed up. 2 havent started yet. E biz forum posting not yet done. Then this week still got Contract Law test 2. So everyone all jia you oh! Do not scare the challenges! We can do it! ^^


levian said...

i saw you at the shop before. but you were doing somethings n i didn't get to go inside n say hi. hehe. :P

shirley said...

Hmm, nvm de...
If u need something just come and I try my best to help lo...