Monday, May 05, 2008

Shonen Onmyouji

Recently I watched an anime, "Shonen Onmyouji" - 少年阴阳师。Actually my brother ought that anime for quite long oredi, and he also recommended many times to me. I only watched the ending last night and "WOW" nice I tell u! I like the characters inside. Then the song is also nice too! I haven't finished watching this anime yet. Just agak agak noe that there are 12 "shen jiang" inside. They have to protect the famous "阴阳师-安倍晴明". The stories are a bit like Inuyasha la, got many creatures and youkai's doing bad things. The onmyouji have the ability to protect human from those evils. Famous 晴明's grandson inherits the special ability of his grandpa.
Anyway, the story is nice, graphic nice, song nice, and also teach us sth good.

And then, I also watched "Fang Yang de Xing Xing". Quite nice too. By 林志颖,刘荷娜(Korean),&立威廉。

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Enjoy watching anime ^^