Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My holiday~

I stopped working for 2 months...
That makes me have extra free time on my studies and going out with my frens...

I went to Swinburne's Prom Night 2008!!! Our gang go together ler!!! N Johnson was even crowned as Prom King. Ah Yieng, was the Princess of the night. Honestly everyone is pretty and smart that night. I will upload photos when i can. This will be the last time we can go Prom together liao. We even dance in the dance floor... What an experience. At first also just stand there nia, but Judieth and Irene guided me, so never mind la, dance loh. ^^

For the first time, I celebrated my friends birthday altogether(going out de la). That day is Ah Yieng's birthday. After singing birthday song and blow the candles, cake war started, as expected... ^^" Johnson's face is the prettiest, with most icing... Ah Yieng second, then me... XD actually everyone start to run when the first person (dunno who) paste the cream on johnson's face. I have the prediction somehow, celebrating someone's birthday with ah yieng ar, sure will happen something like this de.. Haha...
(At first she asked me if we got bring any eggs to throw at her or not... lol)
After taking some pic there we headed to BDC Expert(lao hang jia) there. I drive. ^^ Abubu n Soon Eng have a fun ride right? =P Then we go there n chat n wait until almost 12am, Johnson's birthday(right after ah yieng's). Johnson got a USB fridge from eric ler... Can see that he is happy... ^^
That day is really special, not only for the birthday girl n birthday boy, for me too.

For the academic side, i din really study very hard, but my result also becomes better. I think I can do better is because my mood to study become strong lo. Having a target to achieve, and have a balanced lifestyle, i guess that is all. Assigments also can finish earlier ler. The feeling is.... undescribable(correct spelling?)
Haha... Enjoy all~

side story: Aida ever dreamt about me having accident one night and she called me up the next morning and ask me if I m ok or not. Then she say her prediction is very chun one, ask me to be careful. I still laughed that time ler... In about 1 week's time, I bumped into someone in Swinburne carpark liao. My mum also remind me to be careful at all times. But I was really ignorant for the most of the time. Ok, i admit my drving skills lauya... I am trying to drive carefully now... I guess got some improvement bah?

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