Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back Hometown Trip

Went back Sibu last week with parents and 2 sis~
I thought tat it will be a normal trip..
but in the end its fun and memorable ^^
I brought along my laptop and lots of Hongkong drama series and some anime...
but one also dint watch =.=
my laptop cant watch DVD de so lauya!!!(n i just found out that!)
Followed Philip's Innova back...
6 hrs trip and I sit 3rd row @@
sit til scare~
something nice need to share~
the HarMee at Peking Cafe..
Hehe long time din eat HarMee liao,
Now back Sibu no need use ferry le,
time also cut from 7 hours++ to 5 hours...
Arrived Sibu at 4pm++,
me n my sis each stay at different cousin's house.
Went kia kia at old shop area and refreshed my memory~
Quite a big difference~
become more developed but i still can recognise la..

still can walk from wisma sanyan to SMK Methodist there =P

2nd day~
Dad n mum arrived.
Planned to go shopping with mum and sis de

In the end went out eat eat eat with swinburne frens and their frens..
Guess wat?
Sibu's special food: kompia with meat n soup de(at ppl's house)

Played bowling & pool (lol.. first time play!!!)

I m so lausy @@

Forget my marks le, but i think around 5x or 6x... Hehe

Others all get 1xx de... hahah

Pool leh play til my hands tired only in one or 2 balls
So hard.. =.=!!!

Then went on to the He Bing Gong Yuan with kiwi...
Nice scenery, plus that time sunset, nice atmosphere
Got people had bridal photo shooting there leh
No play play o =P

Our dinner so cham...
Dad's fren thought of chia us eat at Wang Xi Lou,
but that night all restaurant in Sibu fully booked!
All having wedding!
We travelled from one restaurant to another...
Ended up at A-One Restaurant,
a small but nice little restaurant we used to go last time~
Yummy ^^

Luckily dad booked hotel that night
I can go out again =P
had some drinks at Farley cafe there~
Had fun time.
The frens r very funny
Especially Louis
keep say some not chun de "kwong dong hwa"(cantonese)

Reached Hotel at 12.30am
but i press door bell til 1.30am my dad only open door for me
All be pig dy
So kelien ar hp no credit and cant call them
Ask my cousin send credit he also dunno wat is tat!!!
Talk time request by digi...
It will send msg to the one u wan him to send credit,
my cousin reply this at first,"wat lai de?"
second time,"wtf is this?" LOL
I planned to sleep on the sofa there de liao...
but so many ppl passed by...
but still managed to get in la..
luckily ^^

3rd day
sleep til late late,
just woke up before the annual dinner start XD
then took lift down and eat eat eat again
the food nice!!!
me n sis had some wine
not nice one
My dear miss yu gestured me over,
show me a pic in her hp...
paparazzi tou pai...
she say will upload fb la..
wait til now also no see...
sad sad..
ben lai is wan go back today...
but delayed!!
finished lunch at 230pm,
had dinner again at 5!!!
so sayang the foods so nice but we cant enjoy it slowly...

lalala.. lazy write le..
tobe continue~
p/s: this blog post i write jor 3or 4 days =.=
emm continue...

we dinner with our long time no see uncle n family~
tat uncle is my dad's fren since school days..
memang is long lasting friendship lai de...
oredi fren so long n still can chat like tat after so many years~
i like those frens...
tat uncle's daughter is getting married soon..
lenglui jie jie lai de...
hope she will live happily forever with her husband^^

4th day~
aiyoh so fast last day le..
9am start our journey
had our breakfast at the cafe behind SMK methodist
ordered many last time favourite food
then in the end cant finish =.=!!!
met Zhong Weng on the way go buy Big Thumb de bread =P
she still recognise me!
after that put our luggage on car n back kuching le..
sleep talk laugh n eat
on the way got a market
we went down buy some things to eat...
not nice one!
no eat lunch til reach kuching >__<
mum n dad oredi arrived early coz by plane..
luckily loh...
just back kuching can eat donuts n chocolates

no gain weight!!! good news! haha
ok lo.. this is the end of my hometown trip..
din managed to visit my old old house in salim road there...
maybe wait next time back le~ XD

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Direction of Life

Year end le...
Semester end.
Dunno can pass all or not.
Suddenly feel one part of me missing. =(

However, many happy things going on:
Christmas is near~
Reunions are coming~
N Avatar is coming too~ ;p
So excited!

Now working at home help mama..
According to someone, its Yin Neh Bo de job la...
Not much stress, but can keep me busy too.
See I can still blogging here @@

New Year planning to go back Sibu find old frens..
But parents not going back though =(
Wondering if i can go back o not.

Next thing is to come my house make pizza!
Anyone interested? haha

Friday, November 20, 2009

Treasure treasure

In our life there are many things around us...
and some times we need to make choices,
keep this or that?

when we make choices,
there will be sacrifices;

if u find treasure with a greedy heart,
u wont get any precious treasure;
only find with ur true heart,
then u can find the most valuable thing in the world~

I think I found one of the most valuable things in the world dy..
How about u?
Wish all my frens xin fu ^_^

Monday, November 09, 2009









我的生日:3月24 号


說出五個好朋友:lola, jane, aida, cindy, judieth



近期壓力大的是:assignments! presentations! final exams! same =.=











最喜歡的一首歌(女生的):Flavor of Life

最喜歡的一首歌(男生的):Because I m Stupid







現在很迷什麼:線上游戲 =.=






你若中樂透最想做什么: 請大家吃

大學生一定要玩的活動:prom night =D

如果能為彩虹添加一種顏色你選 :粉紅

你相信爱情会永远吗 :會!(可能太天真了吧)






懶惰想問題 =.="


① lola ② desmond ③ soon eng ④ sharon ⑤ sabrina ⑥ evangeline ⑦ cindy ⑧ yew yee ⑨ ah seng ⑩ judieth

④號認識 ⑥號嗎?- 不认识

⑩號是男還是女? -女的

①號有沒有兄弟姐妹? - 有

⑦號姓氏? - 劉

⑩號人緣好嗎? - 應該

④號有人追嗎? - 應该有

⑥號喜歡的顏色是? - 不知道,粉紅吧

③號和⑩號是朋友嗎? - 從中學認識到現在

⑧號的生日是? - 不知道

你怎麼認識? ⑩號的? -大学同学

刚刚你跟①號的生日差幾個月? - 7個月

你和⑨號有出去玩過嗎? - 没有...

你喜欢和①號聊天嗎? - 喜歡

你喜歡和③號在一起嗎? - 喜欢。

⑩号是什么星座阿? - 魔羯座

①号在干吗?- 發呆吧!XD

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Advertisement advertisement! LOL!

This is my lastest year of prom liao. It was great experience! The student council sure put in a lot of efforts in planning and organizing this event. The venue is at Four Points by Sheraton. And we have host from 8tv! He is funny and cute. They complained about the foods there not enough to eat (I din't eat that night, so no comment.. hah)

SiewYong, Laura, Shan Shan and Jacq came to do their make up at my house. Thanks to Cindy and her frens! They really put in a lot of effort in helping us to look like a star that night! XD Kiwi offered to come fetch us go Four Points. Hahah. But in the end my bro sent us go instead, except Laura. LOL! It was really cool! Jacq and Siew Yong are in purple theme, Shan Shan black smoky eyes, me in red-blue eyeshadow with glitters, Laura is gold glittering eyes. Everyone said we looked different. Haha, happy and satisfied. ^^

That whole night stayed outside the ballroom and take pic non stop! So ngam we met this group of guys who LOVES camwhore n take pic a lot also!

Zi lian nan
Had a lot of fun though~ Like HongKong actors taking shots, got many directors teaching each others how to pose, professional cameraman taking pic, and lengzai lenglui superstars posing! How nice of this event! For more photos, please go facebook... ^_^ These are some of the pictures I took with superstars:
me & Louis. He looks so smart.

Derek... Apa la smile til no eyes ki ;P

Me n Tzia Lok.. =)

me n calvin... Haha so funny this guy..

Desmond!!! this picture is weird haha =P

Mr Gary Chang

Jacq jacq, u really looks PWETTY that night~

Lee Shing n me.. Oh my, u really sexy leh


Vien n me.. Her hair special one, cant see from here, so kesi.

Hui Ching~ I like her^^

Chee ya n me.. so sweet ^^

Elly n me..
Elly, Grace n me.. luckily grace kepo wan take, if not i also no chance take with her liao~

Din forget to take pic with my cousin~ also her last prom le haha
My secondary school classmate- Caroline... She asked me, "ni hui man yi ma?" after taking the pic.. So cute de... Shud be herself man yi or not leh =P

Me n Siew Yong. ^^v
Chia Chia n me
Lenglui Pauline n me lo.. She still say not nice ba...

Jen How n me. He is a cute Taiwan guy. Do i look scared in this pic? XD
Fan zheng is take most with Laura de la.. this pic took in toilet, I wan zi pai de, but she chap in, wan kiss me gok. haha *shy

Last pic of me after prom... Bye bye le~
p/s: draft so long le now only post up XDXD

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mid Term is coming~ FAN!!!

Hmm, this morning wake up sore throat + body pain...
But still went over to find my bro talk.

Recently sth happened to him & "her"...
I dun wan to see him hurt..
I understand that everyone has the right to make their own decision & choise.
But my bro is too naive and easy believe people.
I know that I have to protect my family.
If something happens, then our home will not be complete anymore.
I m scared & worried.

I m hoping that he will not choose that road again..
But, I still tell him tat i respect his choice...
I have told him everything I wanted to let him noe...
The last choice is in his hand.

I believe, my bro is still my bro
I can believe u right?

CI Mid Term test tomoro...
Study in the library...
Dun have much result though...
play webcam, talk, chatting, facebook-ing,
these i spent whole day on~

God Bless me in tomoro's test

Saturday, August 22, 2009


22th August 1.31pm
I found the dress for prom dy!! First time settle all my things so early. Thinking of dun wan to join the prom queen contest liao.. >.<"
Later still wan submit half body de photo to SSSC forum. Haiyo. Wan go kuching fest 2nd round de, tak jadi again. Wan eat fried bird la!!! Haha
Found some nice blog template while working on my subject blog. Maybe will change my blog layout soon~ ^_^

20th August 11.30pm
My last semester in Swinburne liao!!!
Just start the new semester and the most significant difference is the library!
How different leh?
Just the arrangement change nia la.. haha.. One eye can finish the whole library’s study area. Not like last time can hide at the back. Then hor, the library become quiet coz some ppl left for Australia loh… Miss u all lah… =X
In this last semester, I got somethings wanted to do.
1, Go prom night
2, Get good result
3, Go KL play

This year’s prom theme is “Mask”. Every participant must wear mask for the whole night. Many complaint that later cannot show their perfect make up or their dreamy eyes. Lol.. But I think it is a good idea! We can no need pakai make up de and pretend to be mysterious. XD

Then the prom king and queen got contest. Before got chosen, contestants need to be the top 5 in order to be eligible for the final round during Prom Night. The top 5 are those who can get the highest votes through the SSSC forum. We have to design our own mask and submit a photo of ourselves to be post on the forum. Sounds interesting right? I took part in that too~ Join together with my frens. We are hoping that it will be fun and it sure will be an unforgettable experience!

Yesterday went shopping for our prom dress at The Spring. I got myself a pair of heels instead! Never tried before that kind of heels, its 4 inches! Nearly fell over when tried on. If not my fren keep asking me to try, I will never buy that kind of heels one. Both of them looks great on that pattern of heels. There are great sales now at Lea Centre, Emilio Valentino n Charles & Keith. The new Cinema is launching soon also, on 8th of September if not wrong. They are selling member cards now (RM10 for application and RM100 to top up). Check it out at The Spring oh~ ;)
*Tomorrow going to shop over again~^_^ They said I will surely buy that dress if I saw it. Hmm, curious-ing. Haha.

I am taking Current Issue for this sem and am scared. God bless me in passing this subject! To do well in this CI, u have to prove this animal is a dog! This is what the lecturer told us in first lecture. Not easy oh… Haha.. International Business Law is close book test and the lecture is boring! I slept today. T_T Other two are e subjects which seems quite ok for me la.. No final one. Hehe. ^^ But need to do posting and replies on forums and course mate’s blogs. Hope I will remember to do it every week. >.<”

20 days passed after my Bobo was gone, now our house got new guest. It was a white kitty with a bit grey color on its ears and tail. It was adorable kitty and it likes to stick to us. But it was scared of Bibi and just won’t go near him. My mum said she want that kitty. So she made him pusing 3 rounds under the table leg, then ask him “bai4 bai4” Bibi first. Since then he can stay here already. I believe many families have this kind of practice ba? Haha.

I never went to Kuching Festival before. This year finally I go le!!! Just came back from there. Finally!!! Finalyy!!! finnaly!!!! I can be counted as kuching ren le! Met some frens there. Yuan lai the “cold porridge” stall is opened by my frens. Got lengzai n lenglui see there oh~ Heard that it is special in this year’s kuching fest. Anyone who haven’t tried it please go try try xia lo~ I tried melon with corn flakes de, quite nice! My sis also said nice. Different ppl different taste. Then still tried Taiwan’s “Da Chang Bao Xiao Chang”(nice leh), Famous Fried Ice Cream(sure nice loh, wan eat so long dy), some lok-lok, Japanese pancake(tat tauke very funny), Sushi(nice!), Honeydew Pearl Milk Tea (my favourite!), and fried Milk & Chocolate(no comment). Met wan fang n kwong xiong n my badminton partner there.

To be continued~ ^^

Friday, August 07, 2009

Need Fresh Air~ @@

Recently the weather is so hot...
Sun is red colour,
n the air is grey colour...
Last week my dear Bobo left...
That day I got flu
Then few days ago got tooth pain again!
OMG that is so painful T_T
The gum is like got needle..
For me sleep is so important de...
Almost 2 night I cant sleep peacefully from night to morning eh!
So cham...

Midnight din sleep can do what le?
I went out of house n run here n there,
just to remove my attention from my tooth pain to other things..
then go play swing!
in the end terslept on the swing coz too tired dy~
(The mosquitoes that night so xin fu)

Last night also,
woke up at 3 sth,
but getting used to it slowly liao~
went out play play for a while
then took bath n sleep in the morning XD

Mum brought me to Chung Chinese Physician & Acupuncture Specialist
near padungan there.
Quite nice one the lady,
very funny,
most important thing is,
after finish one bottle of the medicine
i feel much much better ^^

Went to Youth just now,
even though was late n not prepared,
learnt some valuable things
*to love someone ^^

I will have a sweet sweet night~

Monday, August 03, 2009




judieth打来说要送ah yieng,


bobo n bibi!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Grandma's 80th birthday~

This coming saturday my grandma wan 80 "da shou" le!!!
Dad is going organise event again...

N the thing that makes me most excited is,
take BIG family photo of all my cousins!!!
Dunno got how many of them...
That is really happy to get back to a big family
(all farewell recently, got gathering so happy...)

The photographer this time is also "Kingdom Studio"...
same as last time we take de...
i think the tauke of the studio (photographer)& his laopo come from China...
very nice n friendly de,
i think my dad likes wat they say...
"ji li吉利"(translate into chinese)^^"

but my face lately grow so many "dou dou"
dad force me to leave laptop before 11pm.
sleep early n wake up early
A bit worry later face look not nice.

Tomoro some frens leaving...
Good luck to u all~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009







Monday, July 13, 2009


连教我账的Miss Chong都这样劝我。



我今天把“认真的女人最美丽”放在我的msn pm那边,





For those who dun understand this post,
it is saying that:
Serious woman looks prettiest,
then hor,
woman is more beautiful in many occassions other than when naked one ok!!!
and lastly,
ur mum (and wife) is the prettiest woman in the world!!
they sacrifice their lifetime on u~
er mainly is like that lo..

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


This Korean drama is very nice!!!
Before i watch oredi got many ppl introduce to me oredi..
THeir songs also nice too~
Those who dun have things to do thiss sem break
Go watch go watch!

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Home~ ^^v

This semester break only short short de 6 weeks~
I really wan to fill up all my time with work!!!
Give me 48 hours per day please!!

Dun wan to stay at home everyday liao
After exam go sing k dun let.
Wedding ceremony say boring no need go.
Fren's birthday also dun let me go.
compain is complain

The happiest thing happened recently is that I finally own a personal room!!
Got a bathroom attached with it too!
Spent 2 days moving all my belongings into Shirley's World~

Dun have much things to decorate it...
Found 2 poster that Joan gave me last time
One Piece n Tsubasa Chronicle de
Looks nice on my wall though
Last time no space to hang de jigsaw puzzle also now can put le
Its a sweet little cottage pic

Then I still got a little book shelf to put all my books
N my keyboard also moved in
Now i can spend all my free time here le

Last night went out with mum to buy air freshener
if not, got kitchen's smell
Now I still need a mirror
just dunno hang where is suitable lo
got many pantang
cannot hang opposite to the bed (床脚)

Now wan find ppl pei me every night
Last night is Susan
Tonight wan invite Stephanie
She seems like very irreluctant

Laura wan come?
(p/s: now i m talking with u on the phone o~ XD)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cute cousin

These few days i was so busy...
little cousin came back for holiday
A 10 yrs old naughty boy
I have not seen him for so long
since we moved to Kuching
Has been quite a while le

Seriously very make ppl LOL punya seh kia
Calvin Chee- hyper active, funny n cute
Play with him make us laugh until stomachache ki
Beh tahan ah..
me n my bro n sis take turn to play with him
he still not satisfied
midnight le still wan play
really restless kid

He likes to imitate ppl talk
Wan to kacao me n my sis talk lor
then we very clever
count 1,2,3 then start to talk together
make him dunno how to follow us talk

Play ping pong also lose him
Play basketball also lose =.=
He told my dad that i m so lauya
lose to a little kid ~.~
Not only that oh
say him funny he wan us say him cute
say him cute he say he is shuai
say him shuai he say he is cute
dun wan say liao

I teach him sign up for hotmail n facebook
his mum dun let him create facebook acc
then ask us teach him
now he has facebook liao

He very very like action
Fast get close to stranger also
Whenever he saw someone
first time see also will say, "helo!! long time no see!"
like tat
can u imagine?
make my dad n mum's fren all confused n laugh also
Even bring him out shopping ho,
he also cincai greet other children like tat..
but that is one thing make him so cute

But when i start my sem break
he will go back to Singapore liao
took some photos of him
lai let u see his happy face

last night took de photos
he dunno tat we r taking his pic
make so many funny faces

by the way,
last night we went Sushi King for our Father's day celebration..
ordered 2 sets of father's day set
super slow de
eat until full liao the 2 set oso not yet come out
happy hapy go there
make my dad also wait until mood not good ki
he left earlier by himself
dun have good ending for that night
but we all still have fun there la
coz got that xiao gui Calvin
whole sushi king our table is the noisiest one liao
cute fellow

BYE BYE!! >_<

Friday, June 05, 2009

Presentation day~

Not me lah
Wake up early today..
Just to go see Laura's presentation...
Was ready early but still late =P
Went in Lecture Theatre after 9am.
It was so cold inside...
That air cond keep blow to my face =.=
Watched Alfred's, Clarence's, Lin Shen's, n Laura's group.
Of course i will say Laura's group is the best lor...
I like funny presentation... ^^v
-In this lovely morning....
-Is this the Taipei 101 we r talking about today?
I also got chance to give marks for their performance oh~
Honestly, u all presenting this morning are great!!!
Engineering students just looks so pro bah~
Had fun there

The next thing after this we met Judieth in library,
This amoi just came back from Singapore last night~
Brought back so many chocolates n fish keropok for us
Make today in library so "re nao",
Full with so many munching noises,
N fill the library dustbin with chocolate wrappers~
All the chocolates i give out to u are sponsored by Miss Judieth yah
She was too shy to go distribute le
So she ask me help her give
N i really do my job well ^^v
(This is really not a very paiseh thing to do le)
I think all frens got receive le right?
Haha, she said if not enough she is going to "da pao" more in next trip to Singapore(30th June to 7th July)
ehem, Celebration oh, ehem cheap.. lolz

The chocolates all habis oredi...
First first thought will left some can take back de XD
Hershey's (Truffle?) dark chocolate!!!
All gone in a while..
We also got a pretty bracelet from her...
Hope this one wont break so easily again
Me(pink), Laura(many colours), Ah Yieng(white) n herself(purple)

Went Aunty's Corner for lunch today
Follow Soon Eng's car,
N we went to many places
(Aunty's Corner>McDonald>Secret Recipe>Girl's house>Swinburne)
so happy even though was late for tute =P
Coz we did sth that make a girl happy
Can u guess the story?

Gave Miss Kueh chocolates too~
She is a nice lecturer who oweys smile sweetly n gave us Golden Boronia's Nougat n sweets from Australia!!
Special eh? Jealous of us ma? =P

met the guy last time met in the badminton competition,
dunno wan go play badminton o not
long time no play liao lorr...
later play like dance =.=


My grandma is really getting old...
Wat a sad thing to tell...
My dad too...
My mum...
Dint realise when mum told me dad is almost 50 oredi
I m not feeling very comfortable with this statement....


Our target: Singapore & Perth!!! XD

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Unexpected call from India!!

Just now my fren called,
the one used to be my best fren back in Form 1-Form3 time.....
I also din notice the number calling in when i pick up the phone..
then when she said she is Jane
My first reaction is
but really is her lah...
A call from Mangalore!!!
Not bangalore o...
(Mangalore to Bangalore takes slightly longer time than from Sibu to Kuching)
so long din see liao still can talk like before~
unlike in msn,
actually i got her msn de,
but we oweys nothing much to chat about
macam hear each other's voice have more to talk de
is it becoz of voice or
use phone need money?
we share about studies,
old frens,
current life..
n some bagua
girls ma~
sure need bagua a bit de
i m glad that she is doing well there,
like wat i believe at first...
she got JPA scholarship and went to India to further her studies
study dentistry gok...
5 years!!!
i still promise her tat i will wait her to come back baru kahwin
normal girl i think wont be like her one,
I oweys admire her...
she make her own decision and fight for it...
then managed to go thru all the obstacles on her own,
(n with Jesus Christ la.. she is very faithful Christian)

One day I m going to India to visit her for sure~
Going to organise a trip some where in the future..

By the way, anyone wants to follow or any suggestions for holiday trip? ^^

Thursday, May 28, 2009

taking leave~ ^^

just finished a presentation today!
no more assignments and test liao~
now only left final starting 16th of June...

i was so happy to noe my Company Law marks!!!
thks to Aida's note
but other 3 get only manage to pass de marks
quit game!!!
n ehem,

Langgar someone last saturday again...
now no car drive dy
as a consequence also need to work more to pay the debts
this time should take the responsibility and
really learn a painful lesson
thks for my bro n sister's support,
n Laura too ^^

Recently have been scolding Laura too much..
feel myself a bit bad
but Laura,
i noe u can do it!!
jia you ^^
today wear so smart n lady lor

this blog was abandoned for quite a while oredi...
i m taking a leave again
i m going to post on my puppies pic n some cute stories about them

Friday, May 01, 2009


This mid term break every night go out.
Last night went back late again..
I was expecting a scold from my mum oredi...
surprisingly no!
these few days have been out until quite late,
then my mum got grumble and nag about that...
I feel like got "tan diok" eh..

good things dun oweys happen lor..
now i cant go out so late le..
the latest is before 1030 must go home.
actually she got angry me
but she din say only...
but i oredi make up my mind dun wan let her angry liao
good daughter eh?

have been busy these days
yesterday late for ACA test for almost half an hr!
ths for melvin's help!
n also judieth~
or else i also die die liao...
20 marks gone like that

my 2nd sis's birthday. Helped my mum with the cooking. So long time din cook on our family member's birhday lor.. Lucky mei mei got me n mama (n maid) cook for her. Haha...
Happy 20th birthday to her~
also dun have 1 in front liao..

today so happy lo
i attended all 3 classes today
n i got pay attention to lecturer's speech n do tutorial homework too

really need to be hardworking a bit liao la
so lazy how to pass also dunno..
see other ppl work so hard
jia you everyone!
jia you to me also~

haha, this post save as draft for so long liao...
now baru post out...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Habitat for Humanity project

I did sth very meaningful few days ago...
Joined the house building project organised by HFH club in Swinburne..
Experienced hardship...
Got sunburn n muscle pain...
but get back more than that...
Commitment, Fulfilment n Contented
The house got our sweat bor...
First time jadi buruh like this...
Cant imagine those workers at construction site there actually do this everyday...
No wonder they can eat so much rice..
I go back also eat super banyak de lor..
but still din become fat...
so song la!

Show u all the pictures of us doing hard works...

even so,
we also have time to pose and take pic one...
the "shi fu"(a.k.a. Mr. Eric) is a funny person.
He sacrificed his original job and change to this field,
earning less than last time,
just because he enjoy the fulfilment in helping people...
Salute him lo!
Not many people can do that~

Posing pictures!

That's a very enjoyable experience. The activity become lots more meaningful with those happy times with frens too! These are stored in my brain's hard disc oredi n will be kept forever...
Nice to noe such a bunch of frens... All of them are engineering students except me n judieth lor... Even those lengluis u see, they are all taking engineering oh... Geng ma? >.<

Emm, still got many assignments to do gok. Must finish it! jia you jia you!