Thursday, January 22, 2009

减肥successful! =P

lalala, so happy that i wan to sing~

i have been keep saying n saying that i wanted to 减肥减肥减肥,but never see effect one... this holiday i managed to reach 49kg lorh!!! haha, its really a 新年大突破! But new year is around the corner again. The road is getting harder n harder for me. Jia you XD

Em, anyone who is interested in my 减肥 secret recipe? I am not a selfish person lo... Ok, my daily menu is:
Breakfast- Wholemeal Bread x 2pieces + 250ml milk
Drink water
Lunch- Wholemeal Bread x 2pieces
Drink water
Dinner- Wholemeal Bread x 1pieces
After dinner better dun take supper liao. Water also dun drink too much before u sleep, if not face will look fat.

Besides that, this whole 减肥 process includes exercising one. Add in exercise will make ur effort last longer. 减肥 without exercising easy fail.
Take up a sport (eg. Jogging for 30-45 minutes, swimming, go gym, do hula hoop exercise)
Do hula hoop exercise is more focused on certain body parts u wan to slim down. U can only do for thighs or arms or waist. Do it for 15 minutes is ok oredi. Listening to songs, the time past by fast i tell u! haha



Anonymous said...

do take some fruits..this will provide u vitamins and a healthier way for slimming.

shirley said...

Thanks for ur suggestion ya.. i did take fruits sometimes. =D
But fruits contain many glucose also, if no exercise also will cause us fat. ^^"

Anonymous said...

lol...hmmpp...i must take both of u guys ideas to compare it...anyway...thx for the guide...
By the way,Shirlely u really slim down so fast??i thought last time u told me u were fat??
how fat were you??hmmp....nvm...happy CNY to u...