Thursday, February 26, 2009

unexpected treat

got "someone" chia me eat sushi...
surprised lo...
like me this kind of ppl also got guys wan to chia...
i m also not sure about anything yet..
but i noe i enjoy the dinner...
i think i will just treat it as normal frens outing la...

p/s: i will tell u guys the story if got chance~

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New pictures

very sien de face lo
hide at one corner take ^^"

emm, hehe =P
i like this pic ^^
take pic seldom show my teeth de, looks like rabbit
one of my favourite photo-taking angle =)

emo? my cousin took this
ask them pose like this , weekdays during night time, mostly we read quietly like this lo.

Be Prepared

New semester is coming soon!!!
A bit excited and happy and sad
I miss all my frens' face!
It is going to be a whole new sem
i hope i can do better
and now start to pack up my holiday mood n throw away
lazy lazy leave me alone!

Working at Boulevard oredi become important part of my life
i m worried that i will not get used to it
i dunno whether i should continue working part time on weekends or not
work- got income, meet my frens there, can go shopping when there's no ppl XD, help my frens buy things from boulevard, see new things every week.
no work, ask money from mum, need to stay at home after class =_=", can study more n do homework, can help mum cook at home.

My face... very "fan nao" ah

i personally think working is still better la...
anyone got anything to comment?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Me n Xiao Hua ^^

My dear xiao hua...
although not me who oweys close with u,
u oredi 2nd stage le,
i feel so proud for u..
thks xiao loong help me take care of her..

see wat this Xiao Hua said... got wat kind of mummy got wat type of baby is true... haha =S

hehe, me n npc, who more leng lui ler? XD

Saturday, February 21, 2009

new pictures taken using my W380

its a 1.3 megapixel phone, the quality not so good lo...
but i like it anyway...

i dropped it yesterday! the camera there got scaratch a bit... T_T

here lor... aih...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another day...

hmm, today is an unusual wednesday...
usually weekdays like this dun have many customer...
but today shop just open nia,
then liza managed to sell off 2 badminton racket liao...
then she went off working on the 2 rackets...

then after few minutes,
2 boys from brunei came in n try on the shoes.
he n his brother tried on 4 pairs of shoes n ended up buying 2 of them.
wah, he went out n brought his sis back to see another pair of shoes he likes,
planning to persuade his sis to buy again.
who noes the sis push him out from our shop n say,
"ei, u oredi buy 2 pairs u still wan? better buy shirt kah or others la!!!"
so cute that boy...

yesterday just noe 2 guys from eyesight optic,
jason n anthony
so chun
both likes japanese anime...
then we share many songs
n jason is going to borrow me his anime collection!
happy lah
but dunno got time to watch or not though

then ho, today mie dan brought me to a place
where we can relax ourselves after lunch
just outside boulevard there,
got a big open space
really can feel the calmness
its good that we can take out some time for our mind to rest
everyday from morning to night stay in the shopping mall
will become siao sooner or later
i guess thats wat my cousin feels now
we talk n talk n talk there
din realise that time passed so fast
like "catch snake" for so long la...

my pretty er jie lo... so emo ho?

some picture taken during that time XD

nothing to do... take evone's pic...

this is at night time... janet stuff her head in my cap.. >_<"