Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Be Prepared

New semester is coming soon!!!
A bit excited and happy and sad
I miss all my frens' face!
It is going to be a whole new sem
i hope i can do better
and now start to pack up my holiday mood n throw away
lazy lazy leave me alone!

Working at Boulevard oredi become important part of my life
i m worried that i will not get used to it
i dunno whether i should continue working part time on weekends or not
work- got income, meet my frens there, can go shopping when there's no ppl XD, help my frens buy things from boulevard, see new things every week.
no work, ask money from mum, need to stay at home after class =_=", can study more n do homework, can help mum cook at home.

My face... very "fan nao" ah

i personally think working is still better la...
anyone got anything to comment?

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