Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Different Chinese New Year (2009) 1st day~

This chinese new year i only have 2 days holiday. World Sports only applied 2 days off from Boulevard management. So we were back to work at 3rd day... T_T (but ho, the boulevard hypermarket employees more cham, they start work at the 1st day 2pm)

My house open day on the 1st day. I invited many of my frens but many went travelling or back to hometown to celebrate their new year... Dunno y i feel like inviting all of them to come this year. Maybe because this is last year of our degree course oredi. In the end Johnson and Grace them got come. Hehe, still satisfied a bit la...

This Grace really very wu sim lor... Oredi change pyjamas wan sleep liao, but still came to my house when kopi them told her they are visiting me... Same to Joyce... Gan dong... ^_^ She oweys pian ren de, but i choose to believe her lah. This makes me feel happier. =P (still got Kopi, Sik, Jasper, Chin Song, Chin Song's gf, Delwin, n their fren) When they came its 11 sth, my mum din expect still got guest and walked down to find something to eat in pyjamas... Then she got a bit paiseh, terus walk back after greeting my frens... haha XD I just discovered that Delwin n Jasper both likes Kopi very much ler... Many times when take photo Jasper tried to kiss Kopi... At first i also thought they are not coming liao, who noes, they still arrived before 12am. Thanks a lot for ur "heart" ya... Hehe...

That day also got unexpected guest came to my house. SOmeone i know at boulevard also came makan makan at my house... Poor guys, looked for my house from 2pm to 4pm baru reach... Haha, they stay here until 7 sth, after Johnson them arrived. =_="
Do wat le? We play mahjong (children play de), see photo album, chat n eat only... Forgot to take picture though...

Johnson them come also din take picture. We went to the guest room and chat for some time. Its always fun to have them around. Telling some cold jokes and stories, and sharing some funny things, such as... ringtones. XD and I m so happy that they said my kuih makmur (kuih momo) is nice! Hehe, except that its a little bit sweeter than those sold in the market.

I made 3 times kuih momo before chinese new year. First trial is successful and finished sapu by my cousin n family. 2nd time failed and all brought to shop and give colleague eat. hehe... 3rd time is the most successful one. Quite satisfied with myself. At least i got contribute something to my family in this CNY bah... Everyday I m working so I cant help them much on other things. My target next year is cheesecake! Looking up to my sister. Her cheesecake gets many compliments too! At least 1kg weight i gained is from her cheesecake. =X

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