Wednesday, March 25, 2009

24 March 2009


My er jie made chocolate brownies herself n gave me on saturday. The first thing i did after I open my eyes is, eat the brownies! haha, so nice~ ^^

Then I went to school to pia my assignment liao... That day got presentation and 3 of us(judieth, me n ah yieng) managed to finished it before we went out for lunch~ XD Aida chia me eat at Memories, somewhere near the cat statue there... THe atmosphere there quite good lor... The name of the restaurant also meaningful. She really is very got heart la. Say wan bring me go eat buffet gok... (Aida, I noe she very sayang me de... From foundation until now XD) Until i also paiseh... ~.~

The garlic cheese bread there... Nice !!! HAha, recommended~
Pork porridge, got "you char kueh" n meat balls... i ordered one... coz breakfast eat too heavy liao, lunch cant have heavy meal again... =P After campur together become like this----
Aida told me after the meal, "Lily, u dun tell anyone that Aida chia me eat "mui" on ur birthday ah, sia soi si..." >_<"

but it taste nice also bah... =P

Ah Vien n Aida... These days they r like twins oweys together... Its only after Vien together with Aida, I baru noe more about Ah Vien this girl is actually cute n same sot as us also. =D This is Vien's order, spagetti, Judieth also have a set of this, different flavour... See also wan eat liao... ^__^See our pretty miss Judieth smile~ Before start eating...

After that is our presentation time liao... NOt nervous at all, coz no marks for that... Hahaa... Aida even wish me Happy Birthday in front of the class! Before her presentation starts la... Aiti, so i received many "happy birthday shirley" after class. Quite special hor... But after that Miss Kueh told us that our assignment progress is only 18% of all... Need jia you a bit liao...

Go back n prepare the foods for that night... Actually is self service de foods la, like California rolls, salad, sandwiches and ice cream... But still took us a whole afternoon to finished those works... Luckily still got my mum n xiao mei's help, or else i wont be able to be ready at 7pm... >_<

So the night begins with FOODS!

Johnson so good still got bring guitar n sing here..
Our Miss pretty is sure happy that night oh... ^___^

I think that is a good pose, Johnson~ XD

21 liao ~ make a wish
ah yieng smile so happy... then next... Wui jie is the one started this!
After that i chased after him to take revenge... Forgot that my dad n his frens are watching... >_<" I got say sorry to him after that la...

playing mah jong...
Johnson playing guitar liao...

sit here very relaxing one....

our dear laura ^__^
I like them smile so natural...

all girls here!!! isn't it a nice shot? love this pic!

This two group photo still can say is normal.. XD
lip weoi, teck leong, ah seng, ben miaw, me, n yew yee~
ah yieng, me & angie~ the colour of dress looks so matching ler... pretty ladies yah~ =P

After that is karaoke session~
But i dun have many pictures with me here ler...
camera forgot to charge n low batt after a while...
aiyohh so sayang~

Take picture with my frens ^^

me n laura lo
me n liza
vien, me, Aida

shan shan n me
alfred n me
me n shu chan

melvin, me, irene n kelvin... before irene left~

NG PArt (Funny pictures XD)
hahaha, he is mr chan kheng seng
mr eric soon
keith n eric looks like baby
best comedian partner
wui jie's leg covers judieth's face
shan shan 's face
Keith is too tired? judieth can make funny faces sometimes too~

Lai one kacao de pic ^^v

Looks like wat wat underground activities o not? lol... ben miaw is the guard XD
This one ah ting ask me see de... Irene n her hand combined... XD

Then, lastly....
my presents~

The star necklace is from Aida n Vivien. The key is from Alfred. Square de is from my 12 dear frens. (Irene, Shu Chan, Soon Eng, Eric, Angie, Abubu, Alfred, Kelvin, Gary, Wui Jie, Tyng Tyng, Shan Shan) these 12 of my cute frens ah, actually gave me this, inside is>>>>>>> TADA!!! Got 12 things, symbolizes them all lo... hehe

I like this lock with key too!

Guess wat is this? use to "chui bei" one...
THis little turtle is magnet... Now it is on my fridge there liao~

THey say i like foods, so they gave me chocolate mirror, sushi towel, n milk bottle coin box~ lol

This is really inside sushi eh...
I noe wat is that orange thing liao.. its paper soap.. hehe.. got a bit smell when i open it~

THis is dried flowers which smell nice de... From Johnson, ah yieng, Lina, n Melvin Scarf from Judieth n Ah Ting ^__^From Keith. Earrings n necklace~ This is Flip Flap from Riyan n Susan. It is a cute flower that moves by light. They wan me to grow my flip flap in my mind and bloom my special flower.. Hehe
From my sis de glass, now i use it everyday liao... XD

Purple pillow from my dear cousin! Joan n Janet =D
^___^ Blue one is from Yew Yang, Yew Wei, Yew Yee, Mao Yuan, Xiang Yun, Teck Leong, Ah Seng, Lip Weoi, n Bin Mou~ Its so soft! Feels like towel!!
THey look nice right?

My sis wrote to me, the content is... secret! haha, its actually funny... my xiao mei really is sot sot de...

Ehem, this is from Miss Laura Ting Siaw Lynn!!!! She has a red colour one also... We have same same de thing lur!!! XD

N i like this company's name very much le... Whose idea is this har? I guess is Ah yieng lo... correct?

Today we take at discussion room.. After that another group member left... XD(27 March 2009).

By the way, I want to thank those who wish me thru facebook, friendster, msn, sms n mms. N of course those wish me face to face! Thanks a lot ya~ They mean a lot! This is definitely an unforgettable day. I love u all, my dear frens~ MUAKSSS! XD


~Laura~ said...

wei... do u need to write full name??? Aiks.. delete delete.. Nways, glad dat u enjoy ur day! =)

shirley said...

i m also glad that u finally did come! ^___^
wan write in full name coz dunno how to make it bigger... n i like that keychain very much u noe? =P

JorZac said...

yuuu huuu.... already 21 but still naive larr... just admit :P

your post really long horr... wow

shirley said...

hehe, all photos ma..
of course long lor..
wui jie i think u more naive lahh... haha XD