Monday, March 09, 2009

4 days plan failed

Now i even have supper before sleeping...
make sandwiches with brother n sisters...
we've got egg, tomato sauce, ham, fresh salad leaves, cheese slice, n butter in 3 pieces of white toast~
my sis even had 5 toasts! ~.~
we eat together...
bahagia nya~

i see a theory in this story...
learn to be good needs 3 years while learn bad only need 3 days,
学好三年,学坏三天(this saying is quoted from my mum),
its really hard to change a habit for eveyone,
thats y, we cannot have too many bad habits,

[ do u wan stories?
long long time ago,
there is a father n a son,
the son always do wrong thing,
and the father wants to make him realise,
father told the son,
"if next time u do wrong again",
"then i will hit a nail to the wooden wall",
"and when u do something good in a day",
"i will pull off one nail"...
the son did not care and continue to act in his own way,
one day he look at the wooden wall and he was shocked to see that the wall is almost full with the nails oredi,
he feel a bit beh song,
he dun wan to feel himself so useless,
so he started to do one good thing everyday,
n was happy to see that the nail started to dissappear from the wall...
when one day finally the last nail was pulled out from the wooden wall,
he was so happy!
but sadly,
the wall is no longer the nice wall oredi,
it was filled with holes,
like the face with many pimples la,
not perfect liao...
wat is done is done,
no matter how u try to "bu chang" also cannot go back to before,
we have to try to reduce the mistakes we makein daily life.. ]
story finished ^_^

when we started to lose weight,
it takes us long time(about 2-3 months),
n finally when we feel that its ok,
n add in the quantity of our meal,
its hard to go back to last time oredi...
maintain ah!
in the end, we need to exercise more to use up all the energy...
me, susan n vincent do the cycling exercise after our supper...
n each fell asleep when our legs r too tired...

i dun care ah,
my target is back to <50kg!
jia you!

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