Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Earth Hour

I was working at Boulevard during the Earth Hour. At first I thought the management will support the event also. Then we can close n go home early. But it did not turn out like that. XD Earn money more important for them. Haha...

I tried to persuade my uncle to off the light but he don't want. However the some shops really did switch off their lights to support! Good ones! Those I noticed are Sinma, Kenny Rogers, Desserts, n KFC(still got light but darker than usual). That eyesight very funny lo, the Earth Hour is from 830pm to 930pm, they off the light when the time is almost 930... After few minutes they on back. swt... haha...

Got a msg. Its Earth Hour. Off ur phone. I noe u haven't off ur phone bcoz u r reading my sms!
Then I terus off my phone lor... After few minutes I rmb sth n send back. Say me sendiri also sending sms. Off ur phone now pls... Then off until 930pm lor... (I have done wat I can to support liao oh... =P)
When I on the phone, see the reply, if i off i will be very bored here. = ="
U see! like this also have!

When I arrived home, I saw that whole house is dark. The light outside all off. Actually I dint expect that. Me, my 2nd sis, my mum n bro just arrived home together.
The first thing we asked her, wah, u off de meh?
She said, no ler, daddy ask me off de.
My dad seriously wont do this kind of thing! (my bro n sis also think so le!)
She continue, but dad said air cond can on, n those places where outside cant see de can on.
4 of us *fainted
haha, my dad saw that our neighbourhood all off their light bah... He dun wan to be odd one.

One thing worth mention is, Cold Storage (Green Height's Mall) also got take part in the Earth Hour eh! So different with other shopping mall bah... Besides that there are big n small banners inside n outside the mall. Maybe our area all off their light got influenced by Cold Storage eh...

Wui Jie's blog on Earth Hour is a nice one!

Lately have been too relaxed oredi. Just realised that next week we are having our Company Law test 1 worth 30 marks! No idea wat the test is about until today's tutorial. Also printed notes from ah yieng. Tonight after this post I am going to study my Company Law liao! I found that Mr Augustine Ong is quite a good tutor ler... I will start attending his tutorial from next week. XD

I have 3 assignments on my hand now. So far started 2 already. Hope I have enough time to do it.

Every subject we took got 12 credit hours. (Go subject outline see) That means we are supposed to spend 12 hours on the subject every week in order to get good result. We have 4 subjects. 4X12=48hrs in a week! 48/7=7hrs! We are supposed to spend approximately 7 hrs on our studies a day then we can get good result! I finally understand y now. I just calculated this out today. So, those who want good result, rmb to spend more than 7 hrs on ur studies per day ya! I m trying also... XD

Jia you jia you! But dun stress too much lo...

p/s: Laura Ting is a nice fren! XD


~Laura~ said...

7 HOURS!!!! WAH!!!... ok ok.. good good.. =) eh... make me so paiseh... can delete dat part eh...

shirley said...

yaya, need 7 hours... i think u too over liao lah..
haha, =P u wan me put de ler..