Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am 21 lo!!!! part 1 video

me n judieht singing... after everyone went back n left me, soon eng, keith, eric and her... XD
we sing teresa teng's tian mi mi & xiao cheng gu shi

i think they dunno i took this video... XD

keith got dance in this part oh...

p/s: hope all of u who have test this morning can do well... really thanks the engrineering frens who came last night oh... next day wan test liao still come.. especially Laura lor... so gan dong to see u!!! ^_________^

my photos are not complete yet ler... some are still with different ppl's hp n camera... hehe, will be posting on photos soon.


Eric said...

ALAMAK!! The guy wear red colour one, sing like frog!! BOO!!

~Laura~ said...

i saw my name... =)

shirley said...

here got frog n duck wor... its a small pond kah? haha
i think that song too fast n hard to sing la...
Laura, happy la? =P