Sunday, March 01, 2009

Make Up (With fake eyelashes)

This is first time i tried on fake eyelashes lo...
I used to think that it will look weird with those super unnatural long hair on one's eyes.
But the effect is incredibly loveable! my eyes became so big after applying.
That is also after seeing my er jie use, make me feel like trying also.
THis thing is really good for small eyes girls, or those who wants to have bigger eyes! No regret trying i tell u!
Took quite a lot of pictures, but i m posting up 4 only. (its about 1/25 of them?XD)

The make up person: my er jie!!! pro in make-ups

I oredi order the eyelashes n gum from her, waiting to try by myself XD

N if anyone is interested to buy can tell me here or sms me,
both eyelashes n gum can be ordered from my fren.
Eyelashes 1 pair: RM5 (can discount if buy 1 or 2 boxes)
The eyelashes are imported from Taiwan, thats y it looks very natural.
Got few types of different design la.
Got selang seli type(xxxxxx), same long type(llllll), n long short long short type(l|l|l|). See wat kind of effect u wan ur eyes to look like. Different eyes shape suits different design.
Reusable if got clean properly after each use.
Gum: RM5-6 each
The gum le, the size is slightly smaller than uhu gam. It sticks nicely on eyelids. After dried, it becomes transparent. It also can be removed easily without pain. Just tear off nia.
So, anyone interested? =P

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